What I bought on my summer vacation...

  1. It was suggested in another thread, so let's post the really silly, beautiful, luxurious, ridiculous and indulgent things that we bought while far from home. Doesn't matter how far!
  2. all i bought on my beach holiday was a bottle of baileys irish cream in the airport:p

    im going to florida in september and plan to do some serious credit card damage though.
  3. A bunch of L'Occitane beauty products for me and BF :smile:
  4. besides museum tickets and bike rentals? Missoni bath towels. Petit Bateau undershirts and cardigans. Cane sugar. Wine. Tea from Mariage Freres. Obsure facial treatments in little glass vials. and nail polish called 'Breakfast in London', which is funny, I will be having that tomorrow!
  5. Magazines and lots of bracelets that I haven't wore at all since I got back last month.
  6. A bunch of stuff at Amsterdam airport to start with, then I went to Zanzibar for a loely, exotic vacation. I bought a bottle of pure rose oil, some local cloth, spices, beautiful jade and ebony carvings... that's all I can think of at the moment! I knwo I bought more....
  7. I did not buy them, but collected pink pebbles for my raok buddy at sunset beach in cape may, where there are tons of pebbles in mesmerizing variety of colours instead of sand. it was super fun!!
  8. -Furniture

    I traveled to many different countries this summer.
  9. I bought a mirror from an antique sale... it has never made it to my house, is still at my relatives house to figure out shipping. The mirror cost me $100 and the shipping is nearly $400 or something ridiculous. It was bought 2 years ago :amuse:
  10. Lots and lots of jewelry in St. Thomas...got some fantastic deals on really pretty stuff :yahoo:

    And of course some duty free alcohol :p