What I bought in the June 2016 sale...

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  1. I did it! After buying three dozen second hand Longchamps I payed 200 CHF (around 200$) and bought 3 articles from the store (see photo).

    (I know I've promised pic of my huge collection but I am still waiting for 3 secondhand bags. As soon as they are here I will make the photos.)

    I should save money, but this is my birthday present (October). I so love the splash in blue and the yacht line (for men but I love anything nautical). The kaki is discontinued and I so wanted something in that colour. My parents usually give me 200 CHF for my birthday. So when the time comes I will open the package and put their money back in the savings account...

    No more handbags for me until at least September - and only second hand for a while!!!

    What have you bought?

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  2. :yahoo:Hello! I bought the St. Valentine's tote ( large) and the heart bracelet.
  3. Still kicking myself for not buying the Penelope large tote in sandy...was trying to figure out the difference between that and greige, then it's gone! Boo
  4. It appears that sandspointshop.com still has Penelopes left in Sandy in their sale.
  5. You're the best! Unfortunately, I just tried adding the large size to the basket, but then a message pops up saying that they're sold out :amazed:
  6. Oh that's too bad. I'll let you know if I see any more of them around.
  7. Thank you so much! I did see a local shop carrying it, but there was only one and it's full-price still. Should just jump when I see the 30%!
  8. Was just going to obsess over the Penelope more on the Longchamp website, then one Sandy in large came back in stock! Needless to say I jumped on it...my wallet really can take a break now, been really bad lately! All the items I wanted just all happen to pop up at the same time ;)
  9. That's great, so glad you got one! :tup:
  10. Thank you Cosmopolitan! Hope the order will get fulfilled; we'll see :amuse:
  11. I purchased a medium Ecru Paris Rocks crossbody that I'd long been coveting; a light pink Le Pliage coin pouch, and a Le Pliage Héritage bracelet in natural (am I the only one who adores these bracelets? I have half a dozen in various styles).

    What else did people get?
  12. Congrats! I especially love the Paris Rocks line. :yes:
  13. I have a little LC bracelet collection. I bought a cuir in sandy this time. :smile:
  14. Thanks! And yay, more Paris Rocks love. I wish they'd add some less subdued colors to the line. I know I'll be babying this one since it's a lighter color, but I'm smitten!

    Pretty! And hurray for another LC bracelet fan!
  15. I bought the Valentine pouch but the price went down further (2nd markdown) after I bought it :sad:. Still debating if I want to get the Valentine tote or not. It was such a light pink colour that I am worried it may get dirty so easily and hard to maintain.