What I bought in PARIS!!!!

  1. so I went back....for those of you that have read my story before....

    I went back to Hermes....to see that Kelly again and I saw the lady that helped me before...that put the bag on hold for me that was pretty nice.....

    and she was with someone so I looked around for a bit...waited about 30 min. started to get ready to head out...etc because I was annoyed and so was my mother....BUT she was like I am too busy such and such will help you....

    so the other lady went to get the bag for me.....and I asked her to get any HAC or rouge garance Kelly bags to bring up...she was like no birkin no HAC bags..

    but she found an HAC!!! and I decided NOT to get the kelly since I have a 32cm black chevre kelly anyway...

    but she had....and I bought.........

    no pics....because I had it shipped...for those of you that have bought at hermes before....have you gotten things shipped to the states? how does that go???? scary? when do I get it?

    do they check to make sure the lock, key, etc is in there, etc because I didn't!!! help!

    anyway...I bought.

    a 36cm HAC in NATURAL SABLE!!!!! with white stiching and pallidum hardware......WOW

    it just felt so rare...and amazing.

    I have been wanting a natural barenia but I know I can't have that....so this is the next thing for me!

    it was beautiful! it felt so big to me! but I have a 35cm raisin birkin and a 30cm clemance brighton blue birkin...so this felt like a great addition.....that is something different!!

    it was so hard not to walk out with anything! but at least...I don't have to worry about the plane ride...since I am flying from Paris to London...then London back to the states..that was one big box!!!

    to dinner now at the Budda Bar!
  2. Congratulations! Post pics! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  3. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Looks like you get a Paris souvenir after all.
  4. congrats GG! that sounds like a great addition to your growing H family! i bet you'll enjoy using the HAC for work and all that good stuff :p

    enjoy your trip! :biggrin:
  5. Congrats!!
  6. Fantastic! Congratulations!!!! That is the best souvenier from Paris! Can't wait for pics!
  7. :yahoo: Congrats!!! Can't wait til you get it!!!
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  9. Wow! Congratulations, GG!!
  10. woo! what a great way to remember your trip by, can't wait to see pics!!
  11. Wow...what a great remberence of your trip.
  12. OMG, what a treasure! Congratulations!
  13. congrats...it sounds wonderful

    one thing I know about shipping it back is that you will be charge for the us custom tax when you get your bag later. fedex will pay for it first and bill you for it after you get your bag..
  14. Congratulations, guccigal!! Looking forward to the pics!:yahoo:
  15. congratsss GG!! it sounds fabulous