What I bought in New York...!

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  1. Hi Ladies! Home from a whirlwind trip to New York...and ready to report that I went to the Mulberry store and purchased two handbags...that someone on tpf predicted I would buy. She was right! In exactly the same colors she said I would buy them.
    I bought a Black Antony, and an Oak Bayswater. I am thrilled and just wanted to share with you all, who have been watching me agonize on tpf all these months... I won't post pix cuz I don't know how, and you all know what these bags look like! So, imagine your tropicalgal, chic in the jungle. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  2. Yay!! :yahoo: I'm SO happy for you TG, you've been so patient waiting for this trip.

    Are you delighted? They're absolutely classic bags - you'll love them forever!
  3. Fab:happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance:

    Will you be posting some pictures.?
  4. I KNEW IT !!!!!!!!!!! (although i think i predicted a chocolate Antony!!) Great bags - so excited for you - want piccies!!!!!!

  5. Yay TropicalGal!! Fab choices.
    You've taken a lot of time deciding and obviously really thought about it. Both are great bags.
    We may know what they look like but we'd still love to see pics!
  6. Tropicalgal... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO IN ONE DAY!!!!!! FAB,WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! was going to ask if it was anything to do with you!! As well as Supavet you are now Bag-guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. :heart:Thanks for your happy congrats all you fabulous ladies! You are a swell group of cyber friends!:flowers:
  8. Wow is jo a vet? This could save me a fortune?

    Probably get thrown off the thread for doing so but,

    My cat Shai - silver egyptian Mau, his nose has turned PINK -do you know why this is???????????

    Really sorry guys for going off the subject won`t do it again-promise.:smile::smile::smile:
  9. Has it just turned pink (ie de-pigmented) or is it inflamed, scaly, raised or ulcerated? Over what period has the change occurred? Probably best to PM me !!!
  10. TropicalGal -
    Congrats....I know you're thrilled w/your purchases cuz there's nothing like seeing these beauties IRL! After months of thinking/asking/reading, glad to know that it all works out in the end, yes?
    So - have you been seeing the posts by chaz on the collonil? Insane, brave girl :nuts::P:yahoo:Gotta love her.
    Now you should feel 100% confident w/the spray and making your new beauties weatherproof!
  11. Great news! and enjoy!!!

    I have been thinking of the Antony too so please post your thoughts on it after using it a few times.

    and oh, what you think of the Bayswater too after using it a few times!

  12. Fab bags, congrats!! You are going to love them for ages - and they will look better and better w/ use... So glad your NY trip went well, you sure did a great job in the Mulberry shop, lol!
  13. I love my Antony - comfy to wear- good adjustable strap. Fits the essentials ie wallet, phone, keys, and when I'm with the kids I can fit in a thin pack of wipes and a folded nappy too!!! It's a great hands free shopping bag!

    Tropicalgal - how was your shopping experience? Did you try lots of bags on before deciding? :woohoo:
  14. Great choice, congrats TropicalGal! These are classic styles and colours and they will never date. Both bags are on my wish list. ;)
  15. The Mulberry Shop on Madison Ave. is very user friendly. The sales associates are not at all snobby or bored as they are in other shops in this neighborhood. I knew that I wanted the oak bayswater, so she pulled out four different bags so I could choose one, telling me that each bag was different, with different grain and different tone of color. It was amazing how different each bag was. The lighting in the store was difficult, so we brought the four bags to the front of the shop near the window and placed them on a pouf, and walked around them them and stared, and one by one discussed the differences of each one, and then the color that we saw. By process of elimination, I chose my Bayswater, which happened to be the bag that was on display in the store. Now, for the Antony, I was surprised that certain colors of Antony had light colored straps, and the black one, for instance, had a black strap. I decided, I was going for classic and chose the black one. The different colored straps made the Antony look too casual. I really didn't agonize or spend that much time on the purchase, because I had been agonizing on tpf for so long, outloud, among you all. The fotos that one of you posted of you with your Antony sold it for me. For some reason I always thought the bag was too small, but modeled, it looked fine. Thanks for all your caring and good wishes. I paid full retail price....as I am not as lucky as you Brits who can pop to the outlet~! Lucky gals that you are. I now have three Mulberries, and truly feel like a Mulberry gal: Black Rosemary (I love how small it is, yet very hip), Oak Bayswater, Black Antony. I'm complete! The only other line that I have three of is Belen Echandia. So I guess I'm an Anglophile. Cheers!