What I bought from Doha jewelry and watches exhibition ..

  1. Hello everyone,

    Let me tell you about it, The exhibition was Wawoooo more than 475 brands where there, all with Tax-Free. It started on 12Feb2008 and ended 17Feb2008

    I wanted to buy everything; hehehehe " I wish it was open credit at that time “
    Let me show you the things I bought:

    • Cartier pendent from Panthère de Cartier collection ( attached pic sorry its too bad quality, and attached original pic )
    • Pomellato rings ( three rings ) ( attached pic)
    • LucaCarati ( its Italian brand ) earring and small nickels ( attached pic “ I know u can’t see anything L , attached original pic from the catalog but in pink , the one I have the stone is white and pink gold with diamonds )
    Still want to buy other stuff maybe next year’s exhibition, in my wishing list: Chanel ring and bracelet also Cartier earring and Harry Winston watch
    Cartier_Box_thumb.jpg Cartier_Catalogpic_thumb1.jpg Cartier-pendent_thumb1.jpg
  2. More pics ...
    Pomellato_rings_thumb.jpg Pomellato_Box_thumb1.jpg
  3. More pics
    LucaCarati_thumb2.jpg LucaCarati_catalog.jpg
  4. Mashalla very nice!

    Pleeeeeeeeeaase post clearer pics.
  5. I will inshallah post clear pic soooon
  6. Wow! That looks like my kind of exibition! Looks like you got some great purchases.
  7. Thanks JoeyJo2
  8. Congratulations....I wish to be in the exhibition with SKY-HIGH credit card limit:smile:
  9. ooooh yes meee tooo Vancleef Fan , I never wished for an open credit that much till the exibition ...

    By the way Vancleef had a amazing piceaes at the exibition ( some limited addition)
  10. I'll post pics of the exibitions ... soon .. if you are intersted ....
  11. WOWZAS!!! Fabulous....Just STUNNING choices! CONGRATULATIONS!
  12. great buys... u r a lucky gal..:tup:
  13. Thanks everyone ... ,
  14. Very Beautiful....Congratulations!!!!!
  15. Beautiful, lucky you!! Thank you for sharing.