What I bought during purse ban

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  1. officially i cannot buy anymore bags cause i really got a lot..
    but today, i bought myself a lovely H-our watch in king size with dark grey alligator strap.. :yahoo:
    hermes-h-1-1.JPG hermes-h-2-1.JPG hermes-h-4-1.JPG
  2. wow!!! that is just gorgeous!
  3. Very very beautiful! Love it:smile:
  4. Stunning! And looks great on you!
  5. That is totally awesome!
    It looks fantastic on you

  6. I love it! Enjoy...
  7. Billbill, nice watch you got there! Looks really good on you.
  8. Ohhh... gorgeous! :heart:
  9. That is gorgeous! Really really love it!
  10. So purdy!!!!!!! Luv it.
  11. i love that watch! i was drooling over it when i visited the H store. the one i lust after has pink alligator strap. congratz!
  12. What a gorgeous watch! It looks so good on you, I :heart: oversized watches.
  13. Nice!!
  14. Beautiful watch!! Congratulations and enjoy!!!
  15. Now that's what I call a purse ban!

    Gorgeous and it looks absolutely fantastic on you.