What & how many wallets do you have?

  1. Lately I've been browsing shop to shop for wallets. I've seen so many but I have my eyes on a Bottega Veneta, Tod's & LV. Then I realized I have 3 wallets sitting in my closet. I just wonder how many wallets you ladies have. Should I buy another wallet or spend it on something else?

  2. I only have three.
    1: Coach
    2: LV
    3: Fendi

    I would like to get a Chanel to match my Cambon Bowler but I cant bring myself to spend the money. I like to match my wallet with my purse.
  3. only one: LV MC(black) Koala wallet!!!
  4. I have two LV wallets. I wouldn't waste your money on another wallet (eps. LV! They are too much $$$, IMO). Get something else.:yes:
  5. I HAD one. Hermes Tri-fold Bearn portefeuille but since I cleared it out last week, I have none at the moment and would welcome suggestions.

    I reckon you should get something else :smile:
  6. I had one perfect wallet a few years ago. It was the first time in ages I wasn't always seeking out a new wallet, it fit my life so well. But then someone swiped it out of my bag and I've spent the last 2 years looking for that elusive, "perfect" wallet.
    Now I have 5 wallets, each serves a separate purpose.
    The first one I got after mine was stolen I grabbed in a hurry, a Kenneth Cole black leather mens bifold wallet, which was the right size to fit my stuff and was inexpensive. I still have it, but almost never use it.
    The ones that I do use are:
    1) a black leather Coach medium bifold wallet
    2) a red leather Monsac clutch wallet
    3) a canvas and leather zebra-striped Coach accordion clutch wallet
    4) a brownish Marc Jacobs quilted ursula zip clutch.

    I'm rocking the MJ clutch right now, but keep the other around for use with different bags.
  7. Well, one. But, mine is falling apart so I bought a temporary one. I´m looking for a new one I can use for years like my first one. :smile:

  8. I have 4 wallets.

    1 LV Mono
    1 Black Leather D & B
    1 Brown Leather Coach
    1 Rolf's
  9. 1 LV Key Cles that I use as my wallet. I'm currently searching for the perfect small red wallet :biggrin:
  10. I have only a few wallets, but searching for the perfect red one!
  11. I have 2 coach...a pink leather one & a white mini signature w/ gold trim. Love them!!
  12. i never really had a proper wallet, on all my adult life i only had one guess wallet from high school, it's gone now. then a vintage lv wallet i bought from ebay. and since 2 years ago, i never really used a wallet, i sometimes use my LV MC cles but most of the times, i stuff my money anywhere.
    about a month ago i finally purchased a black MC PTI wallet from LV which i loved sooo much & not planning on buying another wallet.
    changing bags is hard enough for me, i don't like to change wallet too. :P
  13. I have 6 wallets ... and I'm hoping to buy two more (LV french purse and a small embossed Coach one). :biggrin: I have an LV ludlow, a Lovcat purple patent checkbook wallet (my latest one, only $35 at TJ Maxx and I LOVE it!), and 3 Coach wallets ... one pink and gold minisig, one apple green leather, and one a dusty rose. Oh, and an old bronze Franco Sarto one I can't bear to give up. Wallets are as fun as bags to me! :yes:
  14. I really like to match my purse with the wallet. Right now I have 3 wallets;
    - DKNY wallet
    - Gucci
    - Dior
    I really want a Chanel wallet. I don't think it's a waist of money!
  15. LV Zipped Something or other
    Kate Spade zipped long wallet turquoise leather (love it)
    Green Mulberry long wallet
    Pucci Wallet Long

    Would like the Vernis Zipped something or other in Framboise. Keep looking...waiting for free shipping or something.