What HOT Handbags do you hate?

  1. So there are all of these Classic Hot handbags that everyone just adores. Muses and Birkin and Chloe Paddys, etc.

    What bag do you look at over and over trying to see what everyone else adores about them?

    Mine? Ban me now, but for the life of me I can't find any attraction to anything Louis. The classic colors are bland and they all tend to look very alike. And then there is the Balenciaga. It looks squishy and flat and shapeless.

    I'm glad that there are an overabundance of handbags to choose from for all of our personal particular tastes.
  2. i love vuitton (it my fav brand) but i can understand ur pov i mean its a bag that is so classic it can fade away! I dont really love Balenciaga's i like amongram to my bags (them again ive never seen one IRL cos the dont sell them in australia )
  3. Lexie, one day I bet...you'll fall madly in love with LV! I felt exactly the same way, in fact I thought they were the ugliest bags around....then one day at age 40, I fell in love! Have you ever seen a Balenciaga bag IRL?...because I fell for those immediately as soon as I touched one!
    I don't HATE this bag but, just don't care for it...probably cause of my age, NOW DON'T SLAP ME! The Chloe Paddington, I love the leather but that padlock!?...I can't see this bag as a classic. I've tried it on IRL and even bought it, thinking I'll fall in love with it! It just didn't happen, so I returned it. I pictured myself in 5 years carrying a purse with a padlock...:Push:...:shocked:...nnooo! Sorry Paddy girls, please don't slap me too hard!
  4. I don't have any LV's either b/c they are sooo common and sooo copied that I just can't buy one. I'm not into the padlock chloe's either. I know I'm an oddball at this forum but I really like more unusal stuff that stands out a bit more.
  5. Well... I'd have to say the Fendi Spy and the bags with the huuuuuuuuuuge buckles on the front.

    They don't do anything for me, although I have seen cute Spies about recently.
  6. lol There was a similar question a while back and I'll just say this - almost every designer has had their bad days for me :P
  7. i can't say i hate any, that's too strong of an emotion. but the paddinton, the muse... the b bag has comic charm but doesn't appeal to me personally, spy, any of marc jacobs' 80 pound bags (the leather is nothing special and then the hardware turns it into an anchor), anything too small (like the fendi baguette)... and most importantly, any bag that is clearly a flash in the pan, one that in a year or 2 you will look at and think, "this is so last year." the media really targets us hard as consumers and it's frustrating when lust is engineered instead of truly earned. jeez, i'm hard to please.
  8. Most LV bags. Besides the monos not appealing to me aesthetically, I just feel like even the authentic bags are massed produced. They're just too common for my taste.

    Fendi's B.Fendi bag. :sick: Sorry! I guess each to his or her own.
  9. hate's a strong word for me. . . I don't 'hate' them, but I don't like the Spy, Fendi B. or the Muse.
    I see some from to time that are pretty, but I still wouldn't buy them.

    Oh and LV monogram colore.
  10. I am not a fan of the Spy bag. I could not believe it when I saw a couple on display in Sam's Wholesale club. I also do not get the appeal of the Edith.
  11. I'm not a fan of the Paddy, the Stam, Fendi Bbag, and the Edith.
  12. Oh, forgot about Edith!
  13. For me, it's the Chloe Silverado and Fendi B-Bags....can't see the appeal. :huh:
  14. I'm not a fan of the Spy, especially the ones with print or flowers on them. I don't care for most metallic bags or overly studded bags. Most Isabella Fiore bags leave me cold.
  15. I'm not crazy about he paddy or the b bags myself