What holds its value??

  1. So we all know that Hermes Kellys and Birkins can be sold quite near their value years after the initial purchase but I was wondering what else falls into this category??!!

    Do Hermes other bags such as the Massai, Boilde, Evelyne, JPG Kelly and the like have the same fortune??

    How about scarves (twillys, pouchettes and full size)?? Accessories?? Enamel/ leather bracelets??

    Please give your opinion, experiences and whatnot?
  2. Birkins hold their value the most IMO. Kelly holds most of its value, but not entirely all. I know people who will not pay more than $4,500 for a Kelly, but yet most people's reserve on eBay seems to be at least $5K.

    I don't know about the other bags. I'd think the plume does...certainly the Jige and Kelly JPGs will, I think? :shrugs:
    I think enamel bracelets definitely do, as I've looked for out of production ones and they're always priced high.
  3. I think most everything that is out of production by Hermes will def. hold its value. Since most things Hermes are a classic anyways, you can def. get most of your money back or if not more if you ever need to part w/them. JMO..
  4. For initial resale, I don't think any bags hold their value like a Birkin or Kelly. In all actuality we are talking appreciating value.

    For example a Jige was less than $500 20 years ago. So if someone asked $600 for a 20 year old bag, they would be making a profit.

    Many scarves appreciate in value. There are many vintage designs that go for close to current retail and probably were less than $100 when originally purchased.

    For any items Hermes items to hold its value or increase in value, it must be held onto long enough.

    I love the Forbes Cost of living Well index.... check out what a Kelly cost in 1976 and 2001...and what they cost now...
    The Cost Of Living Extremely Well Index - Forbes.com
  5. Thanks Sophie & Moviegirl.
    Interesting Forbes article Sophie!
  6. Interesting!
  7. Great article! Looks like Vuitton is the most stable of them all! Can someone please transport me back to 1976 when a Kelly bag was just $500? lol.
  8. Interesting article...

    I think resale also depends on things like...whether the item is available in stores...condition...length of time one is willing to list for...seller's history...etc.
  9. Even worse - I was at FSH then, and thought a kelly looked to "mature" for me and didn't get one. Sigh.......
  10. In raw terms, that is true; however, when you figure on what $500 would be worth today - you would need $925 or so (according to the consumer price index) to purchase as much today - and also how much $500 would be worth if you invested it for 30 years (which depends what you invested it in, of course - in the bank at 3% it would be about $950, staying just ahead of inflation, according to Quicken, which I may or may not be using correctly on the spur of the moment here). So actual profit is a slippery thing to figure out.

    All the more reason to just enjoy our bags today!

    Truly, don't buy antiques, collectibles, handbags for financial investment. Buy what you love, that's a true investment in yourself that always pays dividends.
  11. I guess it might also depend on the condition of the item. But I dare say most everything by Hermes will hold up pretty well to the original price. They're all classics, and of admirable craftmanship.
  12. Beautifully stated, lvrjrt!
  13. Crocodile Kellys hold up extremely well. I've seen on some auctions that vintage mint crocodile Kellys go for as much as retail ... sometimes even more depending on the color.
  14. Well stated! My dream Kelly is similiar to Kate Hudson's on La Divorce... dark red to match crimson lips. Always, always the epitome of style to me :love:
  15. Interesting article.. More the reason why i should buy all the items listed on My wish list THIS YEAR! taking advantage of the good prices considering the price after 10yrs from now hehe