What hobo was Alba carrying yesterday?

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  1. The links don't work for me, even if I cut and paste....
  2. The studs look a little like they belong to a Balenciaga....but with the chain, i don't know..:blink: :amuse:
  3. Can't see the pics???!!! :blink:
  4. OMG, where did her face go? :sad:
  5. I don't know why - but with the charms on the back I'm thinking Juicy. Or maybe Luella? I'm not sure...
  6. that's what I was wondering too.
  7. oh great... another hot one wasting away....
  8. ooh she's soooo skinny...that's sad. she was so pretty before. :sad:
  9. I think is juicy Couture.
    That looks like Juicy's pink strawberry charm.
  10. [​IMG]

    I think this is the bag...

    Betsy Leather Shoulder Bag
  11. ^ That looks pretty close...

    And yes, how sad- she is looking too thin
  12. I found some more pictures of the bag on another site today.
    Yeah, it does look like that one! Thanks!
    jess.jpg jessica.jpg
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