What high profile people do you most want to see get a makeover ?

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  1. What male and / or female celebrities you currently most admire or even dislike (from fashion, entertainment, sports, politics, etc.) do you most want to see get a makeover (either one that's related to just clothes, to hair and makeup, or both) and please say why for anyone named, in terms of what they
    should be doing much better.
  2. christina aguilera- i adore her, but think the makeup absolutely needs to be toned down

    mariah carey- again, love her for her talent, but lady, really, you are no longer 15. it is time to start dressing your age.
  3. oh god paris hilton! i think she could be really classy if she tried!!

    and i hate to say this but katie holmes has been looking pretty blah recently! what ever happened to all her awesome outfits =(
  4. Cant stand him but he definatly needs one (lord knows he can afford it)
  5. Hillary Clinton, I think she is an amazing, smart women...but she seriously needs some help.
  6. I always think Goldie Hawn. I wish she would do something with her hair. It makes her look older by trying to be young. I don't think she has to cut it very short or anything, but I wish she would get the long bangs out of her face and eyes and tone down the blonde to a more flattering shade. I know her hair is her trademark, but its been dragging her down the last few years.

    And I totally agree with candy pants when it comes to Christina Aguilera. It always seems too much!
  7. i was thinking of pete wentz, he looks like he needs a good haircut and maybe even a wardrobe fix... lol... poor ashley, she started dressing like him... i don't like it. it's too much punk for me. i'd rather see them joung dressed but with style, not so weirdo...
  8. I completely agree! I think she has potential.:tup:
  9. That's the first thing that came to my mind. That hair...
  10. jennifer aniston, she needs to reinvent "the rachel" again.
  11. ^^ She's hot and has great sense of style already though.
  12. The Donald. Stat.
  13. 1. Hillary Clinton - needs updating - hair and wardrobe

    2. Jennifer Anniston - love her - but her look is stale (same in movies, on the red carpet, on the beach , everywhere)- please change something
  14. lady gaga. i DO NOT get her sense of "style" and think she looks like a some sort of outer space diorama every time she goes out.
  15. That was my first thought too!:yes: