What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. Today I am wearing my YAM Havana, with a long red tank and my Citizens capri jeans and black Havaianas flip-flops. I love the red with the YAM.
    I am not someone afraid to mix colors!!!
  2. Beautiful bag! I wanted to get this but just barely got the Anthracite Lorca. And even I realize I don't need 2 bags in anthracite....:shame:
  3. Oh, and today I wore my anthracite Lorca and carried my work files in my black Catalina bag.
  4. [​IMG]
    tPF Havana Woven - Eggplant 07.jpg
  5. My lagoon Havana! I love it so much, it's basically all I've been carrying this summer.

  6. :drool::drool::drool:
    My dream bag....
  7. I am wearing my Salina Pouch in Currant today.
  8. ^^

    I am wearing my Salina Pouch as well. But in ink!!
  9. Back to saddle Ana, after the weekend carrying the graphic plaid Pastis.
  10. thought I'd start this thread up again because I like what I'm wearing today and my coworkers couldn't care less. We have a casual work environment, but man, in an office full of aome rather questionable ensembles, I need a little validation!

    So, I've got on olive shorts, brushed metallic sandals, a gauzy white tank, a giant gold medallion necklace (gotta bling it up!), and my delancy clutch.

    what are the rest of you ladies rockin' today?
  11. I'm carrying my Gray Tharpe for the first time today and have to say I'm LOVING it. :yahoo: I love the organization, the strap length, everything about it. It was definitely a good choice for my first HH bag. Now if my wallets would arrive, I'd be in HH heaven.
  12. so glad you love it! That grey is really pretty.
  13. Graphic plaid pastis w/ brown pants, red tee, and stone jacket. Silver ethnic jewelry and brown leather ballet flats.
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    I bet you look ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

    Today, I wore a mod/bold print BGBG dress, Coach snake print flat sandals, my Goldrush Lorca AND my Ramone stud bracelet....black and brass! Dig it!
  15. avp -
    luv this look.....!