What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. I wanted a Wells ball sack bag to keep my Tharpe company.
  2. Oh, Chez! Lol. Crappppp no emoticons on my iPhone. :sad:
  3. My ICP havana!
  4. Angelica Hobo
  5. platinum gold lizard celina to the fireworks tonight!
  6. I've been wearing my nico xx's throughout this summer..and so loving them!
  7. Trying to switch out bags more often & use some of my classics. So far this week I've worn the Yam Clara, the Marcel & today is Grey Tharpe; (accented by Atlantic Carryall & the red & brown floral/batik glasses case) With the future of HH looking so uncertain I'm appreciating my collection more than ever :tup:
    IMG_1248.jpg IMG_1244.jpg
  8. Oh, Tharpe! What a great bag! Looks awesome :smile:
  9. Ooh so pretty. Love that carry all.
  10. Old school Yam Conrad and WR Pilot. :smile:. Oh, old Yam.... delicious.
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    Ooo, yam...I need more yam in my life-did the Havana ever come in Yam? Anyone? Anyone? Anyhow oops- tipsy @ my cousin's wedding in Boston for the Circe clutches' virgin outing(with me anyway) -with nails to match- and the Lee dress. I LOVE this dress! It's classy/cutting edge/& my main requirement: Comfortable ;) lots of compliments so far...
  12. You look fab! I wish I fit any of their dresses. What polish are you wearing?

    Yes - the havana came in yam and a patent yam shine. I haven't owned any yam but maybe someone who has can comment on the differences.
  13. Gorgeous!! :yahoo:

    There are two versions of the "old school" yam, an older one which was a little on the light side and faded a bit, and a younger, darker one that ages beautifully. And then a few things came in Yam Shine, a wonderful toffee colored puffy glossed leather. But only a very few things, and some samples.
  14. Oh shizzzllleee. Jewelz, freakin HHot!
  15. WoooooW!!! Smokin hawttt!!!