What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. Lol, Jenn! My Laura and my nails!!!

    Omg, jewelzzzzzz!!! Is that a wr Celine I spy?!!!
  2. OMG - hotties are breaking out in hot pink/wild rose. LOVE IT!!! I got a wild rose lorca at one point. Need to use it more now that it is actually summery.
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    @Enga & Jenni: thanks you guys :smile: + Enga congrats on the new job; that was quick. The Laura tote is great; Yes that's a WR Celina :heart: I luuvvv it so. wR rocks!!
  4. Oh Sally!! Please post pics of the Lorca! :love:
  5. ok - gosh - am supposed to be working but hubby just went to the mall. Yes -that is not a typo. Hubby went to the mall. Apple store.
  6. carried uncle erol in navy to the beach for a charcuterie/artisan bread/wine dinner....
  7. I broke out the GINGER HAVANA!
    Such a great summer color!
  8. ooo- I'm jealous. I would lurve a ginger......
  9. Magic dot newman!
  10. Not a bag but I busted out my black Ramone today.

  11. Too funny!

    Oh, and I'm still wearing olive lorca. Can't bring myself to swap out...
  12. Hee. That is super funny. I do love her pics.
  13. Jenni - gawd - I would KILL for that lorca!
  14. I know. I was so stupid to sell it. Like the Plum, I was too worried I'd mess it up:sad: