What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. It IS a great size. The finish hasn't worn off mine. I need to wear it more. It's in an upstairs closet and I don't see it when I'm choosing bags to wear.

    I have been wearing my turnlocks hobo in black vintage patent with the strap removed and have been using the strap from my black turnlocks satchel. So it's like a cross body but with more space than the satchel. I have been using this bag for about a week non-stop. It is sooo perfect. Also have been using the ink/black laura non-stop. It carries lunch, water bottles, files etc...
  2. holy crap. i had a rare hh sighting. black ibiza on a lady with gorgeous long hair in a pony wearing a tee and denim. near the betsey johnson store on 60th/2nd ave.

    i had my brown cargo cult mini satchel, worn crossbody. (i have the black CC satchel too. love it.)
  3. Sacc- wow. That's awesome. With the way the HH world is going those sightings might be come even rarer.
  4. I wish I would see people using HH bags in real life. They are fun to spot since it seemed back in the day it was more of an 'insider' type brand. Yeah they had magazine spots and were seen on some celebrities, but they never screamed, "hey look at me, I'm an obviously branded expensive bag!" I saw a Mercer being sold on eBay from a seller that lived in a smaller town about 40 minutes away and I was shocked! I live in the Midwest, and Coach and MK are the most popular brands I see, besides no-name purses that don't look like that great of quality.

    You should pull out your Gemma soon, Sally! I get lots of compliments on it. I like the chain strap because it doesn't look derivative of a more expensive design done by Chanel or Dior. And the strap adjusts! I love that feature.
  5. Nice Sacc! I thought you'd see a lot more of them that close to the old HQ. I see them decently often around SF.
  6. I see loads of HH around me, but I live 1 neighborhood south of the old HQ and its pretty hip here to boot.
  7. I have never seen anyone wearing HH around here, except my mom.:p
  8. i've only had maybe 10 HH sightings ever. a few months ago, i saw an HHxDisney bag.... the whiskey colored satchel. wasn't aging well, though. :sad:

    our old nabe in brooklyn was hipster heaven and i saw a few there. in my new nabe, not so much. i see a lot of old classics... chanel, LV, prada, fendi and some gorgeous nancy gonzales-type exotics.
  9. Hassafras - I will get gemma out soon!!!
  10. I took miss ginger Havana out for a spin today - she's perfect for summer!

  11. Pretty, Skittl! I must have missed your updates--how was Ukraine and the football?!
  12. So, so much fun. Ill post my pics on the chat thread when I get home from work.

    If anyone is ever in Kiev, a Chernobyl tour is a must.
  13. I need to spray and use my Ginger Havana. It's never left the dust bag. :noggin:
  14. Ginger is an amazing color!
  15. get that thing out, mt!