What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. OT (sorry!!): where did you get those shoes??? I NEED THEM!!!

  2. Dang. I am getting some, thanks. (And your outifit is too cute!!)
  3. Rawr! Check out Ms. 5K! Smokin'

    Oh, and I'm still wearing the Yammie Vajayjay Tharpe. That might not change all summer.
  4. oooo - bag twins! I haven't tried my ipad in that bag yet...

    ETA - and md is super hot in that outfit!
  5. ITA!!! MB, hot to death!!!!
  6. Hmmm...at first this post confused me. I thought it was MD confirming her hotness quotient.

    Then I thought, "Why is Annam telling us she's getting some without showing us the outfit that lit the spark?"

    Ohh...now I get it.
  7. chez - LOL
  8. Lol!! My online posts don't make sense sometimes. Lost in translation that is. Shoes do make me a little hot. :smile:
  9. You have the Gemma too? Cool! I was under the impression it wasn't a popular style, but I love it. The brassy finish on rings that make up the strap has worn off on mine, has yours done that? Mine is very well-loved though. It's a great plane bag Bc its height holds magazines and books well.
  10. Used my Steel Sloane Satchel yesterday for a(torrentially)rainy multi-tasking day. I'd actually thought I'd try to find a nice home for this lovely, but given all the upheaval at HH lately I'm not sure I want to part with ANYthing; not even the few I only love for their looks! As far as Sloane goes, I'd acquired her this winter & had major problems with strap-slippage over winter coats. That's not a problem with shirtsleeves though, so I'm able to actually 'be easy' & appreciate the bag's functionality as it was meant to be. The security of the zipper top + convenience of all those outside pockets work really well for & meet my needs nicely. I'm considering trying to modify it for crossbody use by(maybe, somehow??)putting D-rings on the sides(maybe wrapping under/around/through the 'flap' part of the side pockets which would render them unusable)to attach a strap to. Which would not be a matching strap since I don't think metallic steel-blue leather is very easy to find anymore. Not sure if it's structurally/aesthetically/OR financially feasible but worth investigating :thinking:
  11. I used to have the Steel Sloane and it's a really useful bag! Love the slip pocket on front and the lining is TDF. Could you use the existing strap o rings (like an RM MAB)? I'd look for a cool vintage guitar or camera strap on Etsy... A black backing with blues and grays (one of those old woven ones) would look good with the steel.
  12. I had a steel sloane for a hot minute. It was a MIL hand me down. I actually really loved this style and wish they would have made this style in more leathers. I would love to buy a black pebbled version of this. The steel part didn't work for me.
  13. You could removed the shoulder starps and add chain to length the strap for a crossbody. It should be pretty easy but you would have to find the matching hardware. Try etsy, they sell alot of stuff like that. Good luck! I love the style but my blue one fell apart and when I had it repaired, it didn't fix the problem, they just patched it. #fail