What HH bag are you wearing today?

  1. Again with the leopard Tuileries Satchel. Lu - In my world leopard is a neutral so I pair it with everything - even this printed dress!

  2. Mo, I love that dress! ITA, leopard is neutral...
  3. that is a perfect look for you, md! love it!

    that golden plum leather is soo pretty, pim
  4. Good Lawdy that is HOT! Your making me miss my old bag.
  5. Now that's a HAWT HOTTIE and I totally agree - leopard IS a neutral!

    shame shame shame on you for selling your Leopard one.....LOL!

    xxoo to all
  6. Mo- omfg. You are smoking hot, woman!
  7. ^ That!! :tup:
  8. MEOWWWWW. So many hot hotties in the house! :graucho: I'm still rocking the Merlot Camera Bag for now...
  9. Md - is HAWT!
  10. :blush::blush::blush:

    Thanks guys.
  11. ooo MD- that dress is sweeeet. Can I ask the brand? And the bag of course is TDF. Leopard is absolutely a neutral IMO too. So I had my little Erol yesterday just for stuff I needed close at hand. For all the bad rap I actually find it great for my needs-just wish it was a smidge larger. As I was on the train zoning out I noticed I looked like an HH "brand ambassador" or something. Excuse my ancient phone-camera picture taken on a shaking subway car. Ink Ramone/Turks Pilot/the batik-print glasses case I forgot the name of/and lil' Erol(thanks 2 Heidi:winkiss: ) My new (maize) keyfob arrived while I was out so I can add that to the mix today:balloon:
  12. So cute jewlelz! Yeah, poor Erol got knocked around a lot here when it kept popping up during the all crazy sales. But I think a lot of us agree it's an adorable and useful bag. :yes:

    And HHotter than HHot, md, with that whole outfit. Dress fits like it was made for you. Is it Boden?
  13. I love Erol...I have the big one, and everytime I think of selling it I hold back...

    Today I am wearing Sir Conrad the Ginger.....
  14. md - OMG you look FABULOUS!! Your combo is spot on and I love the contrast of colors, textures and patterns. And leopard is absolutely a neutral.

  15. It's the GAP of all places. Best of all, since I had a coupon it cost me all of .97 cents.

    Looks like it is sold out on-line, but in my store it was 30% off and they had plenty. It is a really easy to wear dress and fits TTS.