What HH bag are you hoping to snag at the Sample Sale?

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  1. A HH Sample Sale is approaching, so I have a question for you ladies, which bag are you hoping goes on sale?

    I am sorry that I missed out on the travel tote:


    And I would really like to snag a Jinhee Patent Tote:


    And there is something about the Pastis that I still love:


    And don't even get me started on the Corcovado:

  2. I have a list of 7 styles all lined up on my calendar for 4/8 to snag if they come up at a good price!! I'm a HH virgin so let me know what you ladies recommend!!
  3. I still want to get a Lorca... hopefully turquoise
  4. I would love a Corcovado as well... Actually there are TONS of HH bags I really like... Easily 10... Honestly though... I've gotten so many pretty new bags lately that I haven't even worn that I think I'll pass... I still haven't even taken my Currant Nico out on the town yet... At this point... Any new bag has to replace one that gets returned or sold... And there aren't many I would consider parting with... Even for a good deal... I'll be around to cheer you ladies on though! :tup:
  5. Lorca in Lagoon or maybe Oyster. Or maybe both! Let's see how the prices are.
  6. My picks!

    1. Corcovado in Emerald
    2. Mosaique camera bag
    3. Sao Paolo cross body in either rosso or prato
    4. Hudson Triple Strap Satchel in any color but black
    5. Mosaique satchel in grey/haze

    Don't even get me started thinking about apparel :nuts:
  7. Which 7? We can help you narrow it down or prioritize! :smile:
  8. I would love a Bowery Clutch in Violet if it's on for a good price. Nothing else!! Maybe a Tharpe in grey or ruby if they have it.
  9. Here is the styles that I picked from the website:


    Not picky on colors....would for anything practical or anything crazy!!
  10. All of them.

    But seriously: I'd love a Sonia or a Hudson triple strap or another Havana. And the Corcovado is TDF, but I really cannot be splurging right now!
  11. Nice List. I'm sure they'll have something on it at deep discount. :tup:
  12. Arggh...me too! I am so loving the clothes that I have bought.
  13. That's good...it just wouldn't be a HH sale without you.
  14. Havana in Lagoon and eggplant
    Corcovado in Emerald
    Clutch wallet in any color
  15. Clothes - clothes - did I say clothes????
    Now, the likelihood that the first two "new" dresses pop up are pretty slim - but have always luved the look the the "Arc" dress, but know that the neckline is "iffy" for me...but heck, if it's at a ridiculous price - I'll GO for it. AND, what's goin' on w/this olive romper???? I looked at the availability - and there are NO smalls, only 1 Medium left.....who has this - what's the scoop? Who's been withholding precious info?????

    jandelvis -
    you've been eyeing that Mosaique for AGES (well, months)...will it be yours??? :yahoo::confused1:

    mlinky -
    I'm diggin' the patent tote....love the shape, color combo and the unique hardware!