What Hermes product would you use as a make up bag?

  1. Wondering if there's any Hermes product that could be used as a small make up bag? I'm not sure of the dimensions of the Karo and I thought I saw that they were no longer available?
    Any ideas?
  2. I use a small karo.
  3. I use a large Karo. Both large and small seem to be readily available at H boutiques .... and they're wonderful!
  4. Karo. I think there are still some floating around.
  5. i use the large karo but i'm thinking of getting the bebop.
  6. I also use the large karo!
  7. Thanks everyone. Just wondering what the bebop is? Any pics please?
  8. I would use a GM Karo..The beeBop is cute also... Now I do use a Bolide travel bag in canvas there used tobe several sizes of these..they keep me very organized and they are not too dear about 279 US last year. This is the medium size I belive about 10" by 6.5" high and 3 " deep. They were not making them for a while except in Black but now have brought them back in all sort of colors.Cheers!
    travel bag 004.jpg travel bag 015.jpg travel bag 017.jpg travel bag 018.jpg
  9. Karo GM, the bebop is too "squishy" for my taste.
  10. I think there are pics of the bebop in the small leather reference thread.
  11. GM Karo. Holds most everything from rolling around inside my bags!
  12. GM Karo.
  13. I also like the idea of the travel Bolide like Docride. There are some on eBay right now. I am planning on getting one soon. Good luck with your quest, Sarachryan.
  14. PM Karo
  15. I would recommend the multi-purpose Bolide toiletry case done in either cotton or wool felt.