What Hermes Items Do You Think Are Overpriced?

  1. Okay...so we're all familiar with the high prices that Hermes commands. And it is true that behind those prices lies exquisite quality and craftsmanship, and Hermes' margins are actually in line with other lower priced luxury lines. But for the cost/quality ratio, there has to be some items that you think are overpriced....what are they?

    I'll start- the agenda refills! I love love the agendas (have one myself) but honestly forking over $90 for paper just is not doing it for me. Yes they have nice glittery looks and $90 is cheap for Hermes goods in general but it is just PAPER....:Push:

    Hope this thread is not too negative for the forum. Just wanted to ask for fun and see what items we think could deserve a price break :P
  2. I'll second the price for the agenda refill, although they do put a pretty ribbon on it......
  3. I just have a notebook, not an agenda so I can't comment on those papers but to be honest I really can't think of anything that is overpriced. :shrugs:

    DH and I went to H in SF this weekend. It was our first stop before hitting the other stores. Once I fell under the lovely spell of the new Garden Party and looked at the various other bags/scarves/bracelets it was really a let down to go to the other stores. DH said hmmm after Hermes this other stuff just doesn't compare.
    So I think quality wise and just overall presentation wise I can't think of a thing that is "overpriced" because it is the best. I wish the prices weren't quite so high so I could afford more but that means I just have to keep on savin'...:shame:
  4. those fruit change purses.
  5. Amen to that...but then again it does have a zipper on it and that probably takes a couple of hours to sew on. Plus, some of them, like the Kiwi have many different leathers and/or colors used to make them.

    Strangely though, and I may be in the minority here but...I think their blankets are underpriced.
  6. the dog leashes and collars. they are about 80% more than goyard's. i want to buy my little pug a nice set but he's such a demon beast and already chewed up the cashmere blanket i bought him. so $1300 for a leash/collar set is too much. i wish it was under $1k.
    (i mean, if a Hapi bracelet which uses about as much leather as is used in the collar can be $220, then why not make the collar around $300??)
  7. I'm with Ella on the dog collars and leashes.
    My little Maltese is hardly a little angel. haha. She'd have a nice leash ruined so fast. She would bat at it with her dirty little paws when we're out for a walk, and then try to chew on it the whole time.

    I couldn't even leave her little leather Coach collar on her! She somehow got it in her little mouth and chewed right through it. So, yeah, no H for the pup!
  8. TOTALLY agree on the doggy stuff. I love my dog but 500 bucks for a collar? Errr... nope. Plus she runs around outside a lot at the barn, it would be dirty/wet/yucky in no time. If I want to dress her up she can wear a pochette or a twilly.
  9. I have an agenda that measures 6 3/4 by 3 3/4 in, don't know the name of it, but Hermes does not make a refill for it that I like. I want month at a glance, which Hermes does not offer (to my knowledge) I buy a beautiful French made refill with gold edges that fits it perfectly. It is made by Exacompta and available at www.thedailyplanner.com.
    I think the price of this refill is $9.
    They may have other refills worth checking out.
    the refill number I buy is 16890
  10. golconda, thanks for sharing the website, I need it so bad, I've been addicted to Agendas and Journals since a teenager and have own maybe 15 of them :P

    I agreed DQ that the fruit change purse are a bit overpriced, too..
  11. Golconda - I think the fit issue is because they use the metric system for notebook paper and that's why you can find it at a French site. - i have that problem with a German one. Thanks for the tip - I wonder if yours is a globetrotter? That's a good size
  12. golconda that is great to know the inserts work with Hermes! I agree...the refills are crazy prices...but a must have to work with the leather covers lol! Oh well...they are of course very pricey on most everything IMO...but the quality is there...and they can fix any problems and clean what's dirty so it makes sense. I do feel the wallets are kind of almost as high as the bags -- and I realize there is work in a smaller area but still...of course I needed 2 also lol!

  13. I agree. My girls both have the rocking horse blankets on their beds, and I have just ordered a King Size Mohair grey blanket for DH & I. The one with the big fat tassels..yum!

    I think all their diamond jewellery is over-priced......
  14. Don't shoot me, but I kind of feel the Karo is overpriced. It it was lined in leather I would think it was a great price...
  15. i feel the same.
    Besides, their watches are not as nice compared to the other swiss brands. More asethetics no substance.