What Hermes have you seen today?

  1. I was at a luncheon in So Cal today. Saw five Hermes and I honestly wasn't looking hard. Two Birkins - both black with silver HD, one Kelly in alligator(?) and two shoulder bags with preforated "H"; one brown and one black.
  2. None, except for my own! I hardly ever (change that to NEVER) see one in NJ (not even in Princeton!) This is Coach/Vera Brad / Fake LV region :sad:
  3. Ahh Rose you are also in one of those Fake LV regions? There's so much multicolore fake madness here the mind boggles.
  4. I don't understand the whole fake thing. It makes you not want to purchase a real one - especially LV when so many are fake.
  5. My DH and I are going to NJ next Wed (the shore) for a long weekend to check out property. We love it there.... Manasquan. Do you know?
  6. Yes, it's great down there. I live near Princeton which is about an hour away from there. Call me if you decide to come inland and I'll introduce you to style hell :lol: ( come armed with grey sweats :throwup: and a Coach!).
  7. hey rose -- we're sort of neighbors! i'm on the other side of flemington in pittstown (next to clinton). not a lot of hermes in this neck of the woods, either . . . .
  8. We are! Where do you ride? My daughter loves riding but I have not been able to find anywhere good for her yet. Any recommendations?
  9. :lol: You made me laugh. Seriously that is what I love about The Shore - its so not So Cal and not about who has what. Need a break from that...
  10. Another Jersey girl here - I'm not far from the Short Hills mall. No Hermes sightings here, either.
  11. I dont see any today.
  12. I only ever see them when I go to SF. Saw one Birkin here...and a fake shoulder Birkin. That's about it! :shame: People have super attitude here about being rich and living in the Sonoma Valley but I never see Hermes so they are not all that! ;) lol j/k
  13. OK, just glad we did this however, or it may have taken longer to find my fellow Jersey girls...

    At least I know there is hope now, I may bump into these lovely ladies with their H- bags, what a treat!!:yahoo:
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