What Hermes bag are you?

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  1. I'm a Kelly
  2. I am an Evelyne. I guess that means I have to go buy one. :P
  3. Fun! I am a Birkin (no surprise).
  4. "You have the enviable ability to balance elegance with practicality. Likeable and reliable, people see you as "having it all". You most likely prefer durable leathers like clemence and epsom."

    that part is fine. i do like clemence.:yes: but they could not have been more wrong about the bag for me.
  5. [​IMG]
    Picture 1.jpg
  6. i am a lindy....
    well, could it be a sign?
  7. Which one??
  8. :supacool:
  9. Yikes! I'm meant to be a Lindy gal.

    "Avant garde and with an opinion all your own, you live in the now and are very trend-savy. Yet you retain an eye for quality and don't dismiss the classics. You probably prefer soft leathers in bright colors."

    Well, what I do know is that the Lindy is not a bag I'm about to rush out and buy. I've tried the bag on in both sizes and it IS pretty, but not my fave H bag.
  10. I'm a Kelly. :smile:

    Odd considering my dream
    H bag is the Birkin. (then Bolide, then Kelly) ;)
  11. I am a birkin!!!

    our results for this quiz have been calculated and are presented below:
    What Hermes bag are you?
    Your Result: You're a Birkin!

    A fan of classics and contemporaries alike, you always strike the right chord between timeless and trendy. You most likely love a wide range of leathers and colors.

  12. HiHeels, we're Evelynes (that's according to the test). And I can't agree more about how wrong they are about the bag for us :yes:.
  13. I am a Kelly but I got a birkin first and is waiting for the Kelly to come.
  14. I don't think the Bolide was an option so you never really had a chance.

    As for me ...:sad: