What heel height are these Declics?

  1. These are the Declic, right? What heel height would you say this is? I thought the Declic had a 120mm or 130mm heel. These are pretty in nude :love:

  2. There are 2 versions of the declics - the 100mm heel which the department stores carry (Barneys, NM and CL Madison currently have them in stock), and the 120/130mm heel that NAP and CL Horatio have.
    The box on my 100mm declics is labeled 100mm but I find the heel to actually be much higher because of the covered platform, it is definitely higher than the rolandos. And the box on my 120mm declics is labeled 120mm but I also think that it is higher because of the covered platform, the 120mm declics are higher than 120mm pigalles. Plus NAP had the 120mm declics listed as 130mm.

    Visually I prefer the 120/130mm declic because it is just so stunning but comfort wise, the 100mm declics are much more manageable. I actually cannot walk very well in the 120/130mm declics for very long but boy do they look good.
  3. Heh, I'm having enough of a challenge learning how to walk correctly in the Rolandos. Note to self - do not try walking to the break room carrying water, lunch cooler, bowl of oatmeal and coffee mug :lol:

    Thanks, Kamilla. I love them in nude, but they may be too high for me :sad: Believe it or not, I'm finding the Rolandos comfortable, but I'm getting used to walking in them. Maybe if I master these, I can get a pair of Declics.
  4. Once you master Rolandos, you will want to move on to something higher, it's almost like a challenge!
    I actually think that the 100mm declics are rather comfortable and I have been considering a pair in nude leather too. I am waiting for Barneys to get them in stock so I can see them IRL.
  5. I ordered the blue suede Declics from Barneys online. I guess it will be the 100mm heel. Right??? I hope they are not too high for me to walk in.

    Which do you like better the dark red patent Rolando from NM or the blue suede Declic from Barneys? Which is more comfortable and walkable?
  6. Cristina, I think the 100mm Declics are so much easier to walk in and are more comfortablethan the Rolandos. If you can manage the Rolandos anything else will be a piece of cake.

    Lynn, the blue suede declics from barneys are the 100mm heel. For me, hands down the blue suede declics from barneys are more comfortable and walkable than the rolandos. Which has the wow factor between the two? That is tough because both are stunning, but I would have to give the edge to the wine rolandos.
  7. ^^Agree with LI on both points.
  8. Thanks Kamilla! That is a compliment coming from you. :flowers:
  9. I have to "fold my hand" with the higher CL's. As lovely as the Rolandos & Declics are, I don't think I will ever be able to wear the 100's much less the 120's/130's. My hats off to those of you ladies who can rock them.
  10. I'm really liking these :shame: They're hot in nude, and would look great with dark denim. I wonder if, since my Rolandos are a 41 and I had to use heel grips, if a 40.5 is more appropriate.

    But no! I am on a ban.:banned: I've used that smiley way too much lately.


    It is a pre-order... :ninja:
  11. You are too funny Cristina!!! CLs are addictive especially when you realize how limited they are and if you don't get one of your fav now....poof it's gone. In the past two months I have bought 6 pairs and I feel like I am addicted to crack or something. It's CRAZY!!! :nuts:
  12. Cristina - the declics run a bit more true to size, I only went up 1/2 a size from my true US size but I could have even went with my true size too. You will probably fare well with 40 or 40.5 in the declic.

    Yes, crack...agreed.:yes:
  13. gorgeous!!! maybe i can get some....in may. when i have money. haha!
  14. the box says declic 100, but the heel measures 120mm and they have a 20mm platform