What heat stamp colour should I get?

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  1. Hi Guys and Gals, I am taking my Violet Insolite into LV to get heat stamped with my Initials, but this is my 1st item to be heat stamped so I need some advice!

    What colour should I get???

    I was thinking Gold to match the hardware but I am worried about it rubbing off, or maybe tone on tone but that doesn't stand out! any advice and pics would be appreciated :tup:
  2. l would have said gold, but what are the choices???.....Have you heard that it rubs off????:smile:x
  3. I vote gold as well.
  4. The choices are on the website can't remember them all but I am thinking tone on tone Gold or maybe a red or blue, would love pink on my violet but they don't it in pink :crybaby:
  5. Definitely gold if you have gold hardware
  6. Green looks good on violet, IMO. For the classic look go for gold.
  7. I vote for gold! It's classic, but soooo pretty! I have my damier speedy and my agenda heatstamped in gold and my luggage tag in fushia pink. I find the gold very classy and elegant, and I think it will really stand out on the purple. My heat stamps haven't rubbed off at all, and the agenda is 3 years old and speedy 2 years old.
    Show us when it's done!
  8. I recently dropped my agenda off to be heat stamped and the SA suggested tone on tone. She said the color will eventually fade and it can not be redone because the letters won't line up the same...

    So, I went for tone on tone...
  9. I'd go with gold! Pink would look fabulous...too bad it's not an option!
  10. gold!
  11. What about yellow? Or like skyrider007 said, green.
  12. My vote is for the gold! Pink would be so pretty, darn!
  13. Another vote for gold! I would go for gold because my SA told me that the gold foil that they use lasts the longest, meaning that gold doesn't fade as fast as the others, if at all.
  14. I'd go with a tone on tone :smile:
  15. I'd say either gold or tone on tone if you're worried about it coming off (but I'd take the risk and get gold :biggrin:)