What Hayden Harnett wallet do you love??

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  1. I am looking at wallets, forever now. I get then return. I am looking HARD at the hayden harnett's but want to see what you all had to say about them. Anyone have the new styles?? I really like the plum, what a fun color??? I just don't know if I need all the room the clutch wallet provides, but I do like it. Opinions??? PLease!:wlae:
  2. they are really nice wallets, but be careful of the credit card slots, i had to return two of them now because one was too tight to fit a card the other one i couldnt even get a card in the slot...
  3. Well thats not good! What styles were they? Are there any other brands you use?? Is this ridiculous to obsess over a wallet? I always do though. the function is important to me, to find style and quality as well can be hard.
  4. I think there were a lot of gals raving about the clutch wallet in one or more of the HH threads. The one with the suspect cc slots was the Pallenberg clutch. I don't have a wallet myself, but have been eyeing the Lido quilted wallet. I'm currently using the Pompidou clutch as a wallet (also with tight cc slots).
  5. The clutch wallet is great. I have been using it steady in my ANA for at least the last three months. Credit card slots are fine and there are plenty of them. There's room for receipts and I even can easily fit my checks and checkbook in the gusseted pocket. I have it in saddle and even though it gets banged up quite a bit, it still looks great. Before this wallet I carried a Lodis which I also loved but changed to accomodate the checks and checkbook. Hope this helps!
  6. Oh I am eyeing that style in plum, don't kow why that plum is speaking to me as it is. I think that wallet is very stylish, without being overdone.
  7. I am new to HH. I went to HH in Brooklyn during a 50-75% off sale. I purchased and fell in love with the ursula coin wallet and the owl coin purse. But I really love the chocolate
    tuileries wallet.
  8. if I got an HH wallet(which I probably will, eventually!), I'd probably get the clutch wallet since it could be used as a clutch. I love the look of the Lido quilted wallet, but I wish the site provided pics of how it looks inside.

  9. Ok I just ordered the plum in that style!!! He He!!
  10. [​IMG] in ink or red :smile: plum is yummy too.

    I'm seriously thinking about adding this to my collection, this wallet is the same style as my Isabelle F wallet and LOVE it.