What haven't you seen....

  1. that you would love to see a picture of?

    I would love to see someone's origan Work bag, Caramel '03 weekender and an eggplant and rose make-up clutch. (I had never seen a Dolma work until it was on eBay last week and this made me think of starting this thread!)

    I thought we could post the bags/accessories we wanted to see and maybe someone could share and post a picture of it.

    So~ please add the Bal bags or accessories you would love to see or post the pictures of what you have so we can drool!!!!!:heart:
  2. ^^ here's my old origan work :tender:
    attachment-11.jpg attachment-12.jpg
  3. Thanks Bama! I rarely see this in anyone's collection! I think she's a beauty!
  4. ^^ me neither, wish she was still mine :crybaby:
  5. I wanted to see a Purse in a '04 or '05 leather and bright color (anis, rose, marigold or yellow, turquoise aso.) :s :confused1: ;) !!??

    Thank you for starting this exciting thread 'L' zac..... :flowers: :tender: :love:
  6. I like to see a picture of Greige Twiggy
  7. Also~ I want to see some shopping styles! All different colors!!!
  8. That would be great to see first!!!! Hope someone could post those!
  9. I would like see these bags with pictures taken in outside in the sun:

    Mustard, Marigold and yellow
    '03 Emerald, olive brown
    '04 Khaki and dark Turquoise
    '05 Teal
  10. 04 or 05 red weekender :yes:
  11. Maybe I can help with my '05 Teal Day - made by sunlight !
    121-2134.pf_IMG.jpg 121-2127.pf_IMG.jpg
  12. ^^Gorgeous!!

    I'd kill to see pictures of 05 Apple Green and 05 Turquoise in the Weekender size. I've literally, in all my searching, never seen either.
  13. Knn, here is a greige twiggy.

    I would love to see pics of the top of a Brief -- an 'aerial' photo of sorts that shows how long the zip is and how big the opening is etc.
    IMG_1716sm.jpg IMG_1715sm.jpg
  14. Wow, makes me wanna own one too!