What Have You Sold to Put Towards New Purchases?

Apr 22, 2018
It has been a while since I last sold some stuff. Today, I sold my YSL card holder and Mackage trench coat and got money back. Not a lot, but it is something. The YSL card holder was a disappointing purchase. The red colour started to come off only with a few months of use. Instead of the entire card holder being red, it had some tiny grey dots (not very noticeable, but you can tell. I was surprised by the quality :shocked:). That was my first and will be my last purchase from YSL.

The Mackage trench coat, well, at the time, I couldn't convince myself to spend so much money on the Burberry trench coat. Not that I could not afford it, just that the price tag was ridiculous (and it IS still ridiculous). I have been wanting it for years... finally bit the bullet and purchased it online last night. Lesson learned - never buy something hoping that it will replace the thing that you really love.

I also wanted to sell my Burberry rucksack, but my husband said - No, keep it! It's a convenient backpack! Ok, keeping it then :noworry:.

What have you sold in the past to put towards new purchases :smile:? And what was your new purchase?
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Mar 31, 2013
I've sold tens of bags and SLG to fund new purchases. My bag and SLG have their own budget. In late summer I sold my M Alexa, and used a part of the money to get a Coach Field tote. I've sold a few items after that as well, and replaced them with a Coach Cassie, a DKNY hobo and a laptop bag. There's a constant shift that's been happening for over 10 yrs. Now I have a bag plan and it's looking very good - I pretty much have what I've wanted and the rest is being sold slowly but surely.


Jun 25, 2020
The last time I sold a Chanel bag was during a trip to Thailand. My neighbors really liked the bag, and it is not sold in their country.