What have you sold to get more Bals?

  1. hey all - I was just thinking about the bags I sold to get my Bals. The first I let go of was the LV Speedy 25 I bought myself. My husband said, "What? :sad: But that's the gift you bought yourself when you [major career goal attained]!" I waved my hand, yes well, I like these other bags better. He just shook his head. Having now run low on funds, I was thinking about what ELSE I could sell. I'd been eyeing this beautiful HOGAN bag I have. The one I bought in Italy - on my wedding trip, the one I bought with my best best friend (meaning, she got one too), the one I babied all through my honeymoon in Greece. But I just can't. Too many memories...I may not love it like Bals but it's a chapter in my life - a really happy one!

    So my question is - what have you sold (or NOT sold) to fund this obsession we have? :heart:
  2. I sold a LV Keepall and LV keychain/coin purse and a few Bbags I didn't LOVE to get something I did LOVE! I continue to do so!
  3. Some old LV, old celines, and lot of designer label shoes :sad:
  4. I also did some good old fashioned SAVING up, as well, of course. But it occurred to me that it would go alot faster if I gave up some shoes/bags/jewelry/clothes as well ;)
  5. [​IMG]

    Just kidding:p
    I've sold 2 Guccis, 1 LV, 1 Dior and 1 Coach bag. I also recently sold one of my beloved Balenciagas to finance another one:yes:
  6. I haven't yet bought my first Bal, but in a quest to save up for it I recently sold: LV Epi Mandarin Speedy 25, LV Batignolles Horizontal, Coach Signature Stripe Punch Small Tote, Coach Gunmetal Large Soho Hobo, Tarina Tarantino earrings, Coach Red Demi, and Stuart Weitzman sandals. This new obsession helped me clean out a lot of things that I no longer needed.
  7. I've sold a lv speedy 30, chloe paddington and guccis to fund my b-bag obsession ! absolutely no regrets
  8. OMG my heart stopped when I saw the puppy, MarieG!!!! I thought, what? the happy smiley MarieG sold a puppy?? nooooooooooooooooooo. And then I scrolled down. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!
  9. hey Elliemay, DezPurseFan, MandB, and gingerale - it certainly is a great excuse to spring clean and clear out! Downsizing can be refreshing, especially when it smells like BAL!
  10. I totally agree!!:tup:
  11. I'm going to be selling an LV, Isabella Fiore bag, vintage Gucci bag, 2 pairs of Manolos, Gucci heels and more... all to fund my evergrowing obsession... I'm getting worried because my closet's getting emptier :sad: but then I get more bbags! :yes:
  12. I'm glad I made you laugh, Bellenuit:yes: And you are most certainly not alone- I think we all sell things for BBags but in the end I think we probably sold those things because getting the BBag made us happier, right?:tup:
  13. I got rid of a lot of designer clothes that just sat in my closet, and now I closet-clean monthly and sell/give away what doesn't get worn. I have also sold Bbags that don't get used much to fund a Bbag that I want but would be too similar (my very purple Ink City to finance the Violet Twiggy and my Emerald City to buy a Vert Gazon First).

    Mostly, I work a lot. :p
  14. hMmm... to fund my bBag addiction I have let go.. all my LV's, some bottega's showing wear, all my LV accessories except for one.. that has sentimental value, some designer clothes as well, and other bBags to obtain more bBags..:rolleyes:...oH... the addiction... :p
  15. Ummm all my LVs...the entire collection except one! Also sold off some accessories (non-LV ones)!

    GOnna do some closet cleaning soon and have a big garage sale!