What have you sold to finance bags?

  1. Just thought it might be interesting to make a list of the designer bags (and other items) we have sold to finance a new purchase.:graucho:

    ***I do not think we should list bags we are THINKING about selling as that would be self promotion. A no-no on TPF.***:yes:

    Here are mine:
    LV Lussac Brown
    LV St. Jacques Black
    LV Boulougne (bought a new one!)
    LV Damier Brera
    LV Large Red Epi Noe

    Chanel Black Flap w/ LARGE CC's (from the '80's)
    Chanel double flap quilted lambskin

    ALL my D&B just not into anymore
    99% of my Coach just not floating my boat anymore

    It might just be funny to see what items one person is :drool: over while the other person has let it go!
  2. Nothing...I can't bare to part with them, even if it means I almost never wear them lol! I just keep on saving!
  3. I got rid of most of the bags that I haven't used in a long time (mostly LVs and Fendi SPY bags).
  4. Some of my MJs and Guccis. Designer jeans that are left over from my past obsession. Vintage designer shoes. Basically anything that will sell for a good value!!
  5. 2 Bbags: Ink City and Rouge theater twiggy
    Chanel pink/black cambon
    Chanel black caviar tote
    Lots of Chanel/LV accessories

    Clothes through Buffalo Exchange

    I've really cut down my bags... but I'm gonna get that Hermes Kelly eventually... teehee!
  6. Nothing. I'm a packrat.:shame:
  7. I sold all my LVs when the Bbag bug bit me and I had a constant coming and going in my bag closet last year until I figured out my real bag taste. Now I have a good mixture of classic but modern bags. I don't feel the need to buy any more bags.
  8. What Chanel & LV accessories? I love accessories!
  9. I seem to find myself liking increasingly expensive bags, so tend to sell off the less expensive/least used bags. Got two on eBay now (won't say what they are, so that I don't violate the PF rules).
  10. Would you believe plasma? :weird:

    Well, I'm going to, anyway. We have a "donation" center, and I'm starting to go again. The extra money will be used to pay off my credit card, with some of it being set aside for my next bag purchase.
  11. Well I've still got all my organs so far!
    My wardrobe must have revolving doors as soooo many bags have come and gone - some in a very short space of time. I dread to think how much they equate to in cash.
    More recently I've sold, exchanged or given away (one even ended up in the textile recycling bin):
    Balenciaga City, Anya Hindmarch Mackeson, Gucci tote, Ri2K black bucket bag; pink Ri2k, Radley messenger, lime green Via Republicca tote, white Via Republicca tote, Mulberry Alana, Marc Jacobs quilted banana hobo. I'm sure there are more that I just can't remember.
    I'm now trying to be more discerning before I buy and to buy classics that I really love. Well that's the plan.
  12. well, in order to start collecting handbags, i decided to just get it over with and sell my soul. so now i'm scott free! unless gayman puts a bag ban on me, which he has lately, so the free for all is on hiatus.... for now...
  13. my soul? LOL :roflmfao:

    i have funds for the bags, but since couple of months ago, i tried to stop.
    so, when i want a new bag, i would sell my old one that i don't wear too often to balance :p
  14. Theo Fennel gold and ruby key pendant
    Bubblegum pink first bbag
    Rouge vif first bbag
    Black city bbag
    Mulberry pink Bayswater
    Mulberry apple green tooled bayswater
    Mulberry apple green Roxy
    Gucci suede bag
    Anya Hindmarch cat bag, donkey bag, Jack Russell bag and Folies Bergere bag
    Tabitha bag
    Burberry bag
    LV mc pochette
    LV papillon
    LV speedy
    Miu Miu black buffalo flower bag
    Prada clutch

    I cant remember all the others!
  15. nonee.. but my collection isn't big enough yet to worry about that! hehe