What have you seen in the outlets recently?

  1. Debating on driving out there this weekend, and want to know what all you have seen. What types of all leather bags? Has any bleeker stuff made it into the outlets (I saw the wristlet & wallet on another thread--any bags, like lg bleeker flap)?
  2. The large Bleeker Flaps have been at the outlets this past week.
    Head over there as fast as you can. They have Bleeker Wallets,
    Bleeker Duffles and are getting some Ergo Stuff as well.
  3. I was just at my outlet today. They had a lot of bleecker items (large black and tan leather duffles, one large signature duffle, medium duffles in wine, ink and bottle green, large leather flaps in ink, small leather and signature flaps in a bunch of colors, plus a few wallets, mini skinnys and wristlets.)

    The legacy stuff was mostly gone. They also had a few ergo items and a lot of the gallery totes. A few one-off transfers - some nice wallets, one chocolate signature stripe large tote (nice) and one Bleecker Wool Blanket tote (now in my closet :graucho:). Good Luck!!!
  4. I was also thinking of venturing to the outlets, mine has bleecker stuff ( I called) but I didn't know about the ergo stuff.. what kind of ergo stuff?! :graucho:
  5. OMG how FUNNY!!!! I had your very bag on my shoulder when I was there yesterday!!!!! It's NICE!!!!!
  6. At our outlet yesterday, they had Ergo totes in Camel, Black and I think 1 more Chocolate, plus they had all those colors in medium and small hobos too (all leather). I also noticed a large black siggy ergo tote as I was leaving. Plus TONS of Bleecker stuff! :smile: Have fun!
  7. Our outlet had lots of bleeker large flaps, small flaps, small zips and large duffles. It also had a lot of gallery totes--mahogany patent leather, brown, and such and a lot of medium hamptons leather sig carryalls in red and brown.

    I found my large plum ergo tote there last weekend, and couldn't believe my luck!

    You migh want to call if it is a far drive for you to find out what they have first, although a lot of time the best bags are one-of transfers (like my tote) that you won't know about unless you ask specifically for it. Happy hunting!
  8. Thanks for the info! I am assuming these are the new ergos? Hmm.. well I called and had them hold some bleeckers for me :graucho: I am just asking for trouble.... Actually I have a bag I need to return but was trying to sell, it's not going so well so I think I will return or trade it for a bleecker item.. love the wallets too!!! :tup:
  9. i`m going on sunday!
  10. The Vacaville outlets had a ton of bleecker bags and wallets and wristlets, new holiday patchwork!, a lot of ergo and belted ergo, and they also had a few patent ergo hobos!

  11. I received a call this morning call from the Vacaville outlet for the larger sized black patent leather Ergo hobo (style #11009). It's a bargain for only $255 (plus local sales tax) after the add'l 20% discount, especially since the bag orig. retailed for $458.
  12. That ergo was calling my name, but it was just too big for me! They only have three mahogany ones left when I was there at 4:00pm.
  13. does anyone know if the fall patchwork has hit the outlets yet? The one w/ the leopard patch....
  14. I saw it at the Vacaville outlet, they had all of the fall patchwork pieces.

  15. I know what you mean.... the medium hobo seems just a tad too small but the large hobo seems just a tad too big. In the end, I decided to go with the larger hobo. It's going to be my main Fall/Winter shoulder bag so I figured that the larger size would better suit my needs. I've also got my eye on the pond patent leather Ergo hobo, which is the medium size .... it'll be my new Spring hand bag. I have to wait until next month to purchase it though from my local Coach retail store. The pond hobo will be my birthday and Valentine's day gift to myself :p