What have you purchased during PCE?

  1. So far :rolleyes: I have gotten the Clay Gigi, Bordeaux Patchwork Hobo, Plum Lg Hobo and the Stripe Large clutch/coin purse type bag. :yahoo:The bags I am still thinking of are the Gigi in Whiskey, Tobacco Hobo, and a bag or wristet in slate. :confused1:Also, I've seen the pics of the bronze/gunmetal bags - quite beautiful..:tup: What bags have you purchased?
  2. Wow you got some great stuff!!! My purchase wasn't as big, but I bought the small plum belted hobo, the zebra print ponytail scarf, and the tattersall coin purse. I originally pre-ordered the medium plum hobo, but decided that I liked the small better.

    Has anyone seen the new S charm with the brass clip? If so what color was it. I may have to get that too.
  3. Well since I just got the Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote and the medium chocolate Carly last month, my hubby (after MUCH pleading by me) finally caved and said I could go get something....so yesterday I went in and got my new Signature black medium Ergo Hobo and the cutest little pig charm! The pink pig looks SO cute up against the black bag! :graucho:
  4. I ordered my new patent leather ruby red gallery tote. I bought the coin purse also, the pig key chain, the skull key fob, tattersall scarf, a reg scarf not on line yet, a date book for 08, a embossed skinny minny in leather, new bottle of perfume, and a striped umbrella, since i moved from Vegas to washington. I plan to go back one more time and buy some gifts for others. I will try not to buy more for me.
  5. This is what I ordered:

    Large Khaki/Beet Carly 10620
    Lion Keyfob 92117
    Signature stripe satchel in parchment 11102
    Large reversible stripe tote in crimson 10125
    natural/blue Lozenge tote 10836

    I can't wait!!!
  6. I got the Chocolate signature legacy shoulder bag and the matching Chocolate signature legacy wallet w/PCE!!!! Before PCE I got the J and M key charms, and a brass heart charm to go ON the bag!!!! Not sure which looks better though...the brass heart or the initials!!!! So, I am switching!!! LOL
  7. just a red mini skinny, i'm saving for a gucci :smile:
  8. I ordered these for me:





    Plus 92269 Skull Keyfob (no picture) for my dd and a little something for my RAOK buddy!! :yahoo: I'm relieved to have decided, ordered and paid!
  9. I ordered Lily in whiskey yesterday. I'll have her on Tuesday!!

    I'm hoping to also get Gigi in Clay during this PCE
  10. I purchased the Signature Stripe tote and wristlet in Crimson and my mom bought me them in Black/Gunmetal and the mini to match ... but the black/gunmetal are all Xmas gifts so I won't be seeing them for awhile
  11. OMG I did it!! I got the clay Gigi!!


    I have some new gorgeous charcoal grey sweater vests and new Coach scarves to match. This Gigi (thanks to certain enabling from y'all) is going to be perfect! She's getting shipped to me as she was not there IRL at my favorite boutique ;).
  12. "T" charm and astrology charm. I recently bought a Kooba so that was pretty much the budget. :s
  13. I ordered the Leigh in signature brown. Should arrive Tues or Wed.:tup:
  14. I bought the medium sig. stripe tote and wristlet in crimson, and 3 medium Carlys: the signature in chocolate, the signature in beet, and the khaki patchwork 10814. IDK if I'll keep the patchwork yet. I also got the fabric cleaner.
  15. I ordered the gigi in the chocolate signature and the legacy swingpack in chocolate signature.

    I'm usually a leather girl but am loving the brown sig--it's classy and much lighter than some of my other beloved leather coach bags!