What have you planned in an orange box for Christmas?

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  1. It's not exactly the time of the year to talk about Xmas but hey, some things need advance planning, and waiting ....

    So, what have you planned to get for Xmas? For yourself, by your significant other, for your loved ones ...

    I'll go first > a SO Bearn tri-fold wallet (raisin chevre mysore with orange stitching)
  2. Raisin chevre with orange stitching? Wow!!! I would love to see it when you got it. I'm sure it's going to be a real headturner.:nuts:
  3. Ok for me ... ANY of the bags on my to-get lists happening within the last 3 months of this year will do for me :yes:
  4. Wow, that Bearn sounds yummy mrssp!

    All I want for Christmas is a Gold or Black 35cm w/GH Birkin :shame:
  5. Pelinaka,
    We in Asia can never ever wish for a Birkin by Xmas, if we hadn't already placed the order 2 years ago! So there you go.
  6. OMG! I guess its not so bad after all here in the U.S. - I will just have to keep searching and hoping :sad:
  7. MrsSparkles, are the list still closed over there? For Kelly, Birkin, and JPG? Can customers order non-Kelly/Birkin bags or is that out of the question too?
  8. From what I know, Kou, the list for classic Birkin is closed, as there are still alot of back orders.

    As for Kellys, JPG SBs, HACs .... it's on case by case basis, I'm afraid.

    And for non-Kelly/Birkin bags ... I don't see why not.
  9. i want a lot for christmas : anything exotic kelly/birkin would do. but a raisin/cyclamen/brighton blue regular leather kelly/birkin would also do!
  10. Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how you look at it :graucho: ), all of my dear ones don't have an affinity for Hermes. It was an ordeal just to get DH to use his billfold! So then, that leaves all the oranges boxes for me :angel: --I think I'd be happy just ticking the items off my short list: a pocket square, a pair of gloves, Les Triples scarf, and possibly a Dogon. Bags will have to wait until my orders are placed early next year, although I don't think I'd object too much if any bag on my wishlist showed up unexpectedly. ;)
  11. I would have thought that this was definitely not yet the time of year to consider Christmas BUT I went to our local mall this afternoon and nearly fell over backwards when I saw one of the shops had a Christmas display on a table. Frankly I felt like dramatically whipping the cloth from under it and watching the whole lot cascade to the floor. It's September, dammit!

    That being said, I will be Christmas shopping in Europe next week and in the orange boxes will be:
    - blue enamel H bracelet for my nine-year-old (H is for Helen!)
    - pochette with the Eiffel tower for 13 year old, who we have had to take a detour to Paris for on three overseas trips as she is obsessed with the place.
    - something for moi, perhaps.

    So yes, scarily it is time to think of Christmas. Of course if it's a birkin you want, we may be talking Christmas 2008 - crazy waiting lists!
  12. this is a very overwhelming question *haha*
    i think i'd like a:
    35cm raisin chevre birkin
    35cm lilac chevre birkin (if there IS one!!)
    35cm blue jean birkin.

    the 30cms are way too small for me now for some reason :sad:
  14. i'll take anything that comes in that orange box. i'll take several orange boxes! no wrapping needed! just throw them under the tree for me!!! i think i will ask for the croc bearn wallet from DH. and a few more bracelets. and another kelly. and maybe a birkin. not asking for much here....
  15. A Birkin (one of my orders would be nice.....), a scarf (36 x 36, please), a Collier de Chien Cuff in Crocodile, a Barenia Trim.....

    any of these please, Santa!