What have you paid for your bags on ebay?

  1. Hi. I was just wondering.
    What have you paid for your these bags on eBay?

    magenta first
    turquoise (05) first
    eggplant first

    Have anybody made a great deal on one of these bags?

    :smile: Thanks :smile:
  2. It depends on quite a few things:

    -what condition the bag is in..
    -How many other of the same bags are on eBay at the same time.
    -How often they tend to pop up on eBay.
    -Who else wants one and what they are willing to bid...

    It is hard to say what.. what has gone for and why.. you can do a completed search on ebay and find out what things have gone for in the past month.
  3. I just bought a brand new french blue city for $1300 on ebay from a fellow pf member. I can't wait until she gets here!
  4. I purchased an 05 turq first about a year and a half ago for $600 US. A little while later the prices for those started going through the roof. Glad I got mine when I did.:smile:
  5. Lucky you :nuts:
  6. Hi. I was just wondering.
    What have you paid for your these bags on ebay?

    Often I find that I have paid at the top end of the "market price". But I'm fussy about their condition. I hate to pay too much because if I don't like the style, then I can't resell it and break even because of PayPal fees and ebay fees! Just bought an Onatah PM a few days ago and I think it was a great price. The seller shipped it with Express mail and didn't overcharge for shipping like so many sellers do! It is in mint condition. It is the older style Onatah PM from 2005 and is a bit bigger than the current one. I like it!
  7. About a month ago I bought a turquoise 05 first for $999, I thought that was a pretty good deal considering how high prices for turquoise can get, and mine is in almost mint condition. I think a lot of it is luck getting the good deals, I noticed the other day a turquoise 05 twiggy went for around $1000 whereas a city went for around $1800. So I guess all you can do is keep an eye out for a good deal, they do come around! :smile:
  8. I paid about $2000 for a Chloe bag I had been wanting forever, and it was worth every single penny.