What have you ordered for the Feb 2007 Podium?

  1. As stated in the subject line, what have you ordered for the Feb 2007 podium? That includes bags, accessories, and RTW. Please share.
  2. Kou - Did you manage to get one of your dream bags ordered?
  3. what does Podium mean? I've seen this mentioned in other posts but never understood the meaning
  4. Am going for a 35 vert anis....:heart:
  5. Hermes SAs and store managers take requests (some people call them "orders", but not really because it's not guaranteed, according to my SA, who calls them "requests") from their special customers for bags they want made just for them. Most often, these requests are for Birkins. Podium is a days-long event where managers (and maybe assistant managers, too) convene in Paris to meet with the Hermes craftspeople and request these bags to be made.

    I've requested the blue roi boxcalf in my signature, but that request was actually taken to Paris before the Podium.
  6. 30cm Fuschia croc Birkin with PHW :drool: :heart:
  7. BergdorfBlonde...did you order the above?^^
  8. Yes :nuts: I will double check with my SA tomorrow though. Better be safe than sorry.
  9. Wow, that sounds great!^^^, I have not ordered anything, but definitelly have a wish list!
    Kou, did you end up ordering something?
  10. I finally caved in and ordered a black box Kelly. This is coming from someone that hates scratches, I just can’t resist the beauty of the bag any longer and will learn to live with the consequences.

    Pr1nc355, did you get a confirmation from your manger that box is still available for oders? Even though the manager assured me box is available, I am worried that my order will get rejected if box is not available currently like I have read on the forum.:s Also, I was told the bag I ordered won’t get here till Sept. to Dec.:wtf: I thought it should only take 6 months or so unless it’s exotic or something out of ordinary.:shrugs:
  11. I was told black box is in high demand. It may take longer to see your bag, so be patient.
  12. Hi, Princess. I didn't get a confirmation. In fact, I never do before the manager goes to Paris. My store is the one who has SAs who call them "requests", and it's for that reason:s However, I haven't heard that it's not available, and my SA was totally encouraging me to order box. Having to wait longer than 6 months is pretty normal, even for a "normal" leather like box or togo. I ordered a clemence in July, and it still hasn't arrived, even though I was told it'd arrive by Christmas. I know someone who ordered a box Kelly in July, and she was told she'd have to wait about 1 1/2 years.
  13. Maybe it's black box that takes longer? My order is for blue roi box, and I saw a few accessories in blue roi box when I placed my request, which is actually what made my decision;)
  14. Thanks KB! :yes: It's just so hard to wait patiently especially Hermes has my money already but I don't have a bag in my hand. :sad: I suppose it would have helped if I wasn't so picky and indecisive on what I want.:rolleyes:
    Patience, Patience, I can do it!!!!:choochoo:
  15. If it's any comfort to you, I am almost 100% sure your bag will be made because black box is a Hermes staple. You may have to wait a little longer, but I have a good feeling that your bag will be made. Good choice!