What have you learned while cooking?

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  1. I'll start with one of mine from today:

    -Trying to use up everything chocolate that is leftover in the easter baskets by chopping it up and sticking it in a batch of cookie dough is not necessarily the best plan ever.


    -grated parmesen cheese will melt if heated just that wee bit too much
    -Boiled peanuts should only be made with green peanuts...this wasn't my mistake. Someone tried to make them with dry peanuts, awful! :tdown:
    -Don't salt water that you're cooking corn in, it dries it out
    -If your SO hates turnips, he will notice if you mash cooked ones in with the mashed potatoes...unfortunately...:rolleyes:
    -Unfortunately, there are a lot of organic products that just do not taste good.
    -Some things just aren't worth buying organic; there is a list of items online somewhere, but for example: don't bother to buy organic bananas, but do buy organic tomatoes.
    -Strawberries that aren't as sweet as they should be can always be salvaged. I slice them up, sugar them, and freeze them in bags. You can put them on ice cream, use it in smoothies, etc. later on!
    -This is a limited use idea, but I discovered this when I got a variety of Chevre that just wasn't the flavor I was looking for (a bit too salty): combine it with cream cheese and chopped fresh thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary, and some pepper and olive oil. Just bake until bubbly and spread on fresh baked crusty bread. Very yummy!
    -Heavy food just doesn't work very well with a mayonnaise based slaw; a vinegar based one evens the heaviness out.

    -Just because it is your cooking and you find it tasty doesn't mean it appeals to everyone, hehe...my ability to consume a casserole in which I've dumped everything I have left over into a bowl, stirred and baked it, doesn't mean SO will consume it also. Usually it's a combination of cooked linguine, roast chicken (left from a store bought roast chicken), mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, whipping cream, bread crumbs (out of old toasted bread), parmesan cheese, left over broccoli and left over peas. SO haaates it, hehe :P
  2. What I've learned today: Neeya is a far better cook than me in terms of imagination and inventing new recipes. I think she should move to San Francisco and cook for me and my husband on a daily basis!
  3. -DO NOT microwave boiled eggs unless you want to spend half an hour picking bits of egg out of the carpet!!!!
  4. do not add freshly beaten eggs to a hot mixture. temper them first by adding some of the hot mixture to the beaten eggs a bit at a time before adding the whole amount.
  5. If you're microwaving soup (and it's the whole can) put it on half power so you're not scrubbing Italian Chicken soup off of the inside of the microwave.
  6. I had this in another post, but...

    Don't peel carrots after having a couple glasses of wine.
  7. Only cook with wine that is worth drinking.
  8. I also forgot my favorite new tip...Peel celery with a vegetable peeler. I always peeled it with a knife like my mom and grandma. This is so much easier.
  9. Carolinagirl73, I have to remember that, because I learned to use a knife also from my mom and grandma!
  10. Here's a good way to use left over cake batter: buy a very small cast iron skillet, and cook the leftovers in it for a mini cake for yourself! My 93 year old grandmother has done this all her life, and I do it too, now. If she was testing a new cake recipe, she'd make a mini one to taste it so as not to disturb the appearance of the actual cake.
  11. turn the heat down
  12. To flip things on the pan, it's not an up-down motion, it's a circular, in-out-left-right motion with a bit of incline
  13. good tip on the pan flip - thanks
  14. ^^
    OMG I just did that the other week! I just heard pop, pop!
    very frightening experience....
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