What have you learned through your handbag addiction?

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  1. Ever since finding this forum, I have purchased, returned and sold countless bags! It's insane! I have recently gone through a major rehaul of my collection (yet again) and decided to clean out the bags that I was no longer satisfied with.

    Now that my closet is nearly empty but for a few chosen remaining bags, I feel the itch (yet again) to purchase more bags. However, I have decided to take a different approach this time.

    In the past, I would read posts here and I can admit, I would get caught up in the frenzy of the latest "it" bag on the forum and would purchase it. Now, I am going to take my time and try to avoid these impulse purchases. I need to create a wish list of sorts and make myself WAIT before buying. Now I know it may be hard for me to do that should the bag be on sale or whatnot, but I am going to try. My latest itch is for the Jenny Yuen bag but I have considered this bag for a while now, I just wasn't sure. So, I am going to think about it for a while. And it helps that the bag is not in stock at the moment ;)

    I also know I cannot do arm bags so no matter how seductive the bag looks or how much it appeals to me, I will refrain from purchasing a bag that is not shoulder bag.

    What about you? What have you learned?
  2. I learned a lot about eBay actually! Which is funny because we sell video games on there not bags!
    I also learned that you have to be careful when purchasing from HH sales. There's usually a reason for those bargain prices.
    And I have to admit that my two most expensive bags were bought since I joined tpf, I think it's given me the 'guts' to spend the kind of money I never would have been able to justify before. I deserve it!
  3. That I can look at a price tag that say $298 and think it is is a good price
  4. :angel:
    That's great. I definitely get caught up in frenzies but thankfully I have a short attention span :p I'm kind of doing what you are doing now though. I just wait and see how I feel..

    The three main things I've learned are:
    1) Will I actually USE the bag?
    2) Always pay cash (I would be in deep trouble without this rule)
    3) husbands do not need to know every little detail lol! What's for dinner? yes, Bought a new handbag? no
  5. I recall someone post here a while ago that whenever they feel the urge to buy a new bag, they forced themselves to sell one of their current bags. If they could not pick a bag to sell, she did not buy the bag! Now that's willpower!!!

    I am also forcing myself to really think- why do I want this bag???
  6. I've learned that my husband is wonderfully supportive and very indulgent especially when I talk details of handbags. :yes:
  7. I've learned that I really do have a problem. I just knew that Hayden-Harnett's Inka was the bag for me. Straight out of my dreams. I bought one in every color. And I can't really blame tPF for it, because I fell in love with the Inka before I found tPF, but yes - hanging out here did enable me to buy more of them.

    Anyway, back to my problem. I swore that the Inka was IT - no more, ever again, it was perfect. I clearly remember saying that to myself, my husband and several friends. I'm sure I've said it before (they tell me that I have) but I don't remember. THIS time, I remember. (Yeah, like it's only been a month or so ago!)

    So - I've learned that I do have a handbag addiction. And that I really really like a much smaller bag (the kind of bag that is also a wallet - that is, an organizer bag - my favorites are Derek Alexander's East/West Half Flap bag, and I just found another organizer bag with what I like - Osgoode Marley's Artifacts Collection Mini Organizer.)

    Looking at my DAL bag, and comparing it to the Inka, the Inka is HUGE. And not so long ago I thought it was perfect. So now I've got Inkas coming out the 'you know what' and I still feel ill about it. The really funny part is I've got a $99 store credit at Hayden-Harnett, and I can't imagine using it... LOL.
  8. I learned that I don't have a HG bag. I love anything and everything and I'll buy what I like. I'll never say "that's it" because it's never it.

    I've also learned I hardly use shoulder bags. Why do I buy them still. Only heaven knows.

    And on a positive note, I can tell really good leather from cheap leather from browsing, touching, and buying so many bags.
  9. I feel a bit dumb, but what is an 'HG' bag?
  10. I've learned how much I LOVE leather. I don't think I am addicted to purses so much as I am addicted to leather.
  11. I think it's 'Holy Grail.'

  12. I love handbags! I am an addict! All types! High end to Low end and my storage container is too full!! Oh well we all have our quirks about us!
  13. I've learned it's not that serious (at least for me). Any bag I really want, I can wait to get. I have definitely shot my savings a few times being here, but I just don't anymore. If it's not there when I want it, the universes are not aligned. The members here would never let me down. If they know I'm looking for something they will help me find it.
  14. I've learned:

    1. There will ALWAYS be another 'must have' handbag. Just try window shopping when you're on a ban!

    2. I really only use shoulder bags. Three kids +satchel = frustrated mom

    3. There are a lot of great under valued (and value priced) designers out there.

    4. Definitely adhere to the 'one in/one out' rule. I don't like having too many bags--too many choices. But I LOVE looking!

    5. See Item #1.:p
  15. I've learned that appreciating and loving handbags is not quirky or useless - that having a discerning eye, knowing your own taste/preferences, and being bold enough to enjoy what YOU like is something to be proud of. I've also learned that I'm not very good at "wanting what I have"!