what have you gotten for fall?

  1. I went CRAZY at bloomies, totally revamped my makeup and my overall look. I've basically used up or gave away the few that i have left.

    SKII airtouch foundation
    Nars Outlaw blush
    (in addition to my latest mac shadows and blue storm) gentle fumes smoke signals palette
    nars chantaco gloss

    Cargo bronzer kit

    (returned bare essentuals or whatever that mineral powder is called, did get an airbrushed look..but too obvious, i like the skii better.)

    still need to get this saturday. (SEPHORA BINGE!)
    stila smudge pot/fluidline
    laura mercier eyebrow gel
    smashbox nude gloss
    red matte lipstick
    flat eyeliner brush
    mac groundwork paint pot
    and i also have several trish mcevoy, mac, and laura mercier brushes on the way. goodness.
    and chanel equinox for nights out

    and i need to hunt down those mac mineral swirl colors..
    "and I think thats it.." LOL

  2. ^^oh jeez and area paint pot. broke much?
  3. I will get myself down to Sephora next week, but so far, I just stopped into Nordstrom and picked up:

    Chanel Le Vernis polish in Tulipe Noire (a deep, rich burgundy color)
    and to go with it, Chanel aqualamiere lipstick in Catalina
  4. My makeup is very basic all year round.

    Bare Minerals in medium
    Bare Minerals blush in lovely
    MAC blot powder in light
    Stila long wear lip color in treasure
  5. I got the Chanel Garden Party quad...my first chanel eyeshadow, yay! I'm still looking at nail polish and lipsticks. Honestly, my makeup stays pretty constant year 'round but I do use deeper shadows, nails and lipsticks in f/w...
  6. Chanel nailpolish in Tulipe Noire
    OPI nailpolish in Light My Sapphire

    Nars Blush in Lovejoy
    Nars Glitter Pencil in Area
    Nars Shimmer loose powder in Machu Picchu

    Lancome Artliner in Brown (best liquid liner ever)
    Lancome Dual Finish in Matte Buff II (for when my tan fades)
    Lancome Lipstick in Crystal Rose

    Estee Lauder After Hours Shimmer Powder

    I have an insane amount of make up so I usually just get a few things to update for the looks each season, but I think I have every lipgloss and eyeshadow color imaginable, so I definitely don't need more.
  7. I just ordered the Laura Mercier lip stain-has anyone tried it?
  8. GlamDiva, I love the Lancome Artliner too! I have it in smoke and need more!
  9. Wow, not quite that much, but just yesterday I got the most amazing Sephora waterproof eyeliner pencil in metallic Copper shade. It looks so amazing on, and matches my MAC eyeshadow that I already had perfectly. That's pretty much it! Oh, and I got Nars Orgasm blush, but just to replace my nearly empty one.
  10. Bobbi Brown stonewashed nudes - fabulous!
  11. * matte red lipstick (L'oreal target red)
    * OPI blue my mind nail polish
    * OPI ink nail polish

    And that's about it. I always use the same eyeliner - and have a variety of nars and clinique bronzing powders/blushes to choose from so I'm good i that department. And really, I prefer to keep it as simple as possible :yes:
  12. I am so addicted to it, I think I have just about every color!
  13. I just switched to Everyday Minerals makeup so I've been playing around with that. I love the foundation and blush. I just received ten eyeshadows but haven't tried them yet. The only thing I'm not nuts about so far is the finishing dust. I have oily skin and prefer Mac Blot pressed powder. I haven't tried any other Mac products, but after visiting Specktra site for the first time yesterday I dying to try a lot of their products.
  14. I've just bought two new mascaras (Rimmel Lash Maxx and Maybelline Define-A-Lash) and would now like some new eyeshadows and a red lipstick/gloss.
  15. I also just bought my first Chanel eyeshadow in the Garden Party quad. I also bought my first Chanel lipstick in Libertine. I'm finding that Chanel lives up to the hype :biggrin:.