What have you done with your Edith?


What have you done with your Edith?

  1. I returned her to the store.

  2. I sold her on ebay.

  3. I traded or sold her to a friend.

  4. I still have Edith.

  5. I'm thinking of selling Edith.

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  1. It seems like a lot of shuffling has gone on with Edith's this past year, some kept, some exchanged, some returned. As much as I do adore her style, she is much heavier than my Balenciaga bags and I don't use her as much as I should. We were all killing each other to get this bag back in Feb. - i'm wondering how people feel about her now that we've had some time to check her out. Did you fall out of love with her? Are you back in love with her? Did she move on to greener pastures?

    I just wanted to do a poll and see what the trend was. :flowers:
  2. I still love my chamois and plan to keep her for as long as she lives.

    Although my choco is TDF, I'm very close to returning it to NM. I don't think I need two Ediths and I'd rather have a choco Chanel.

    Also, the hand-held feature of Edith can be cumbersome when you need a hands-free option. It doesn't seem practical or functional to keep two.

    I won't be making any final decisions on returning choco Edith until I see the choco Chanels IRL.
  3. As much as I love my B-bags I do love Edith as well. She makes a great university bag for me because she's more rigid than the B-bags. I'll definetely keep mine because it will make a great fall bag and when I wear a suit.
  4. I returned my whiskey Edith to Saks because she was missing an interior date code stamp which I thought was important. I don't regret my decision, but every time I see/post a photo of her I feel a little sad. :crybaby:

    But...having said that, she was much more pretty to look at than to carry! Edith is a bit heavy and I couldn't see carrying her for long periods of time (like to shop or to go sight seeing, etc). Although the paddingtons are heavy you can carry it on your shoulder, which helps.

    If I were to buy another Edith it would be the Edith loaf. It looks cute enough to eat!
  5. I have decided to return the Edith I got last week and keep the chloe pocket satchel in chocolate. The Edith is a beautiful bag but it can be a bit cumbersome if you are trying to shop. I have also acquired a whiskey paddington. So excited!:yahoo:
  6. I still have my Edith and I do love her...but now that I've gotten my coal Paddy, I'm having second thoughts about my Edith...I wouldn't return her (bought from Bergdorf's back in March), but I might consider putting her on Ebay at some point.

    That's only a possibility - and only because she's a bit cumbersome to carry...but that said, I will probably keep her.

    I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Paddy - SO cute and squishy and easy to carry! :tender:
  7. Roey...The chocolate Chanel is not as rich as Chocolate Edith. I say Chanel chocolate is more like YSL Muse in Oak. Color wise, I still love Edith Chocolate. I have the large choco edith which I keep. But currently, I am in the mood of Chanel as you do.:graucho:
  8. I just got-and am keeping- the :heart: Loaf which I think is the cutest :yes: Edith. Chloe managed to make a very sweet variation of the original.
  9. Um, which one??!! LOL

    I sold my medium chamois to help me afford a gorgeous TDF large chamois :nuts: Will never part with that one... it's too amazing even if it's not an everyday bag.

    I still have chocolate Edith and only question returning it due to the affordability factor lately - but I think it's a perfect fall bag and would probably miss it terribly come September.:crybaby:
  10. Hey blu - I bought your medium Chamois and love it. I also ended up buying a grey one as well and I love it too.
  11. :yahoo: I knew she was going to a good home - so happy to see you are a PFer!!!! (and have Edith fever too!)
  12. I sent my Edith back to NM. It ended up just not being for me.
  13. Returned it to NAP. I just didn't love it as much as I thought I would :sad:
  14. I love my whiskey and will keep her forever.
  15. so far, i love my edith... i wear it a lot to carry my laptop.
    but i don't know how long i'm going to keep her :P