What have you Bought on ebay lately?

  1. Thought it would be neat to have a positive thread about cool finds on ebay. Share your favorite new things! Anything goes!!!

    I bought some delicious Peony Soap

    And this horse dress for my daughter.
  2. ahhh yes, sometimes we forget that ebay is a good place to buy things. I purchased a pair of heelys for my daughter (trainer shoes with wheels in the heel. She adores them :biggrin:
  3. Gosh, it would take an hour to post all the pictures, but most recently, I got two real (yes REAL!!) Prada leather bags, some great Enzo Angiolini and Prada sandals, a steal of a deal on a pair of Frye boots, four perfect (with papers) Seraphim angel figurines playing different musical instruments, and a really cute nightshirt with puppies on it! I play the violin and am always scoping out violin themed figurines and violin pins. I'm also a dog fanatic, so if I see something with a canine theme, I'm all over it. That reminds me, I also got an ADORABLE charm bracelet with dogs and dog things (bones, firehydrants, etc.) last month.

    Yeah, eBay does rock 99.999% of the time! :rochard:
  4. I :heart: eBay for pre-owned, vintage and antique jewelry!

    Recent scores have included:

    a 14K gold gemstone-and-emerald necklace originally from the Sundance catalog (for about 15% of the catalog price);

    a heavy pair of artisan made 14K gold assymetrical hoop earrings for $60;

    a 14K gold artisan made amethyst point ring for $50;

    a heavy 22K gold bracelet for $135!

  5. Just two weeks ago I purchased my beloved balenciaga sky blue city from ebay and I absolutely love her! Ebay is great most of the time but when someone has a bad experience it's hard to get back in the swing of things.

    I just hope that I don't meet any scammers anytime soon. *crosses fingers*
  6. Oh, good idea! We need some positive vibes for ebay too.

    I just got a Christian Dior vintage scarf for $40!


    ETA picture
  7. I've had pretty good luck on eBay. Mostly I buy vintage boxer figurines, spa products (body wash,soap, etc.) and vintage handbags. The last purchase was a Moo Roo black silk with dark pink leather rose evening bag--I'm giving it to my niece. I'm afraid to buy Prada on eBay--on the accessories/purse forum there, they say there are so many fake Pradas, you would be lucky to ever find an authentic one. Probably the same for LV's and Chanels, but it helps to know which buyers to trust.
  8. I recently purchased custom engraved candle holders for my best friend's engagement party. I also bought an authentic LV red epi purse.
  9. My SIL (or "my personal eBay shopper" as I like to call her) just found me another LV noe!:nuts: I must tell her to stop but can't!:graucho::lol:
  10. :P My recent purchases:

    Chanel's Black Satin nail polish

    OPI's Romeo and Joliet nail polish

    2 of my dream handbags (1 Chanel and 1 LV) :love:

    I am on the hunt for a particular Gucci Blondie, but it seems so daunting right now. :s

  11. I got a conte de fees musette from 02! It was posted last friday, so hopefully it will be here and cleared through customs this week or next! I can't wait :love: I just hope it comes before I go to Russia, or else I won't see it before christmas :sad:
  12. My LV Epi Noe in Fawn/Gold
    My newest Fendi Zucchino
    Chanel lip gloss
    Mac lipglass
    Walkie-talkies for my girls to play with
    ATV Cover
    An attachment I needed for my Dyson vac
  13. Lately:
    all LV things:
    a couple cherry blossom pochettes
    cherry blossom cles
    graffiti pochettes (khaki & peach)
    panda cles

    I must stop! Ebay is killing me!
    So far I have had all good experiences (and one of them wasn't MPRS or ALVA) and 3 of them I'm waiting on....only 1 worries me that is coming from Germany...but it was a really good price so I couldn't resist and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. I've only recently begun purse hunting on ebay... and I've scored a couple of great deals on authentic stuff, thanks to the help of the wonderful experts on this forum. Otherwise, I use ebay to search for deals on media stuff (books, dvds, cds, etc.), electronics, and sometimes clothing and shoes (brands that aren't readily available in stores here).

    My most recent handbag purchase... a brand new, never used vernis Lexington for nearly half the price of purchasing at the boutique. I'm supposed to receive the package either today or tomorrow! :yahoo:


    I recently bought a couple HK movies, Election 2, and Re-Cycle... both were from a reputable seller that sells authentic and new dvds, cds, and video games. She's even willing to locate specific titles if you ask nicely. :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I also planning to buy Jay Chou's latest album (popular Taiwanese singer/songwriter), iriver n12 mp3 player (not available in the US, unfortunately), and watching several discontinued LV bags.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. my latest purchases from ebay include the following: black Bottega Veneta messenger bag and a Chloe bracelet beaded bag... I also won a Chanel bag on ebay but I returned it due to questions regarding authenticity........