What have you been longing to buy for quite a long time...

  1. ... but up till now haven't get around to actually purchasing it, though you have already gotten lots of other stuffs? And why haven't you buy it?
  2. an MC speedy, the first LV bag i ever wanted.
    i didn't have enough money then, but i never purchased it now too although i've spent more money for a more expensive bags...
    i guess i lose my interest in it now.
  3. The white MC Trouville... because it is so expensive and I don't know that I would actually carry it. But I still love it.
  4. I wanted something in denim since the line came out but they're so pricey. I am hoping to make the jump and purchase a Baggy sometime this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  5. a baggy pm and a manhattan pm..

    why I haven't gotten to buying them? I've gotten distracted by other pursuits... but soon I'll come back to LV! :biggrin:
  6. aww... yeah i remember too one more reason i didn't get the MC speedy!
    because i bought an MC alma with a great price and then i decided the MC is too flashy for me.
    i converted to balenciaga :shame:
  7. Manhattan GM - I've been distracted by shiny shiny vernis and LE items
  8. For me it's an LV agenda! I've been longing for one since last year but I still can't make up my mind on which one to get. :push: :sweatdrop: I sort of have this strong weird feeling that I will regret not getting the other one after I purchased one. :shame:
  9. Damier Chelsea, but small things always get in the way :rolleyes: ....Oh well, it's not a priority...but I still want it...
  10. I still haven't bought a Damier Speedy... and I LOVE this bag! And no Papillon for me yet.
    I really don't know, why no Speedy... I got two more Speedys since the Damier came out... plus I bought a Damier bag. I must be crazy for not getting the Damier Speedy, argh. :hysteric:
    Papillon: I adore this bag in Mono + Damier... but I just don't know if it works for me. Maybe I'll get a used one someday to see if we match :yes:
  11. I guess Le Talentueux.... I really like it, but I KNOW that I'll have no use for it. Eg. I seriously don't use a wallet, but I bought one anyway cuz it was pink and purple....now it's just sitting there waiting to be used.... lol. So ya, le talentueux is really awesome, but it's a lil too conservative for me right now... It seems more like an office/business bag...:shrugs: Whatever, I'm still gonna get it some day :biggrin:

    Oh ya! Manhattan GM is on the list too! lol
  12. I've been lusting for a white MC speedy for quite a while too. :yes: I still love it but decided not to get it coz it's really too heavy for me. Once I stuffed my damier speedy full and that was already so heavy I can only imagine how heavy it is if it's an MC instead of damier. :rolleyes: :push:
  13. Good luck..! ;) Hope you get one soon. :yes:

    Lucky I'm not a huge fan of denim, but if I were to choose, I'll get a neo speedy instead. :p Or maybe a small little accessory, like the mini speedy pouch, LOVE the cute s-lock! :love:
  14. Oooh, what distracted you..? :graucho:
  15. A Suhali bag............still slowly saving!