what have you been dissapointed with in person?


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
when you see it online its one thing,
then when you see it in person, its no longer the object of your affection.

has this happened to you?
I saw the carly pouch, put it back down after I was shocked that thats what it was. the same with the perforated accessories, I wasn't wowed. and good thing the waist pack wasn't on display!
oh gawsh yes it was so dissapointing...

The Carly Pouch....i just have to save money to get the bigger 1.

I just hate the carly pouch now.

but i got a duffle so im alright.
honestly, a LOT of the legacy bags never "wowed" me. everytime i went in the store, i always walked right past them...(in particular, the hippie and ali).

and lots of the accessories don't seem quite as cute when you really see them. (then there are the times where they're MUCH cuter in person...)
I was at the store the other day and was less than impressed with the perforated accessories.

Agreed.... I am really hoping this doesn't happy with POND!~! I am longing for the framed wallet and the shoulder bag. I would be SO dissappointed if I go to the store and don't like it... or worse yet - really hate it! :shrugs:
I think Colors in General. Most times in the cataloge the colors do not look the same as in person. Black and White, those are easy but the brown tone's and colors are touch and go.
the new monogramming on the striped bags. it looks so much better online, when you look at an initialed bag in person it just looks.... cheap.

totally agree. (but I like that bag w/o the monogramming)

and...I know I'm going to be lynched for this...but I don't see the thrill in the Carly. :shrugs: I dunno...just doesn't appeal to me. I even saw it in person and had no desire to "try it on"...

Oh well - more for you ladies then, right?
I went to Dillard's and they had the new Carly's in. Even though I called and they said they had nothing new. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I wasn't that impressed. They had the medium and large, not the pouches. I thought the medium was the pouch until I checked the price. The medium one isn't even that big! I can't imagine what the pouch size is. I'm gonna cross it off my list. :sad:
I am trying to like the Carly's too. Maybe I'll just wait till there are some new colors (khaki sig with white please!) I tend tolike the slouchier bags more, but recently I have been leaning toward the more structured bags.