What have you been able to check off your list recently?

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  1. We all have our lists...what have you checked out recently (bought)?

    I'll start, as you've probably seen.

    My cherry blossom pap :smile:

  2. My red Epi speedy 25!! It was #1 on the list and is now gone :smile:
  3. Yen Holder~ It is awesome..I can include 2 seperate checkbooks, which is why I Needed It! also my MC cles, and oh yeah....just ordered this on Cyber Monday.... I am kinda glad you pulled me out of the closet:nuts:


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  4. Crossed epi off my list when I got my jasmin. However, I went in for the red and came out with the black. I wanted to get more use out of it. I still want a red epi, so it's back on my list!
  5. White MC Speedy 30 which has been #1 on my list for years and I bought a silver miroir speedy from let-trade (well I'm doing a payment plan with him so I really just put some money down on it for now) since I decided I didn't really want to take my chances with the waitlist.
  6. MC trouville and vernis bronze bedford..soon damier azur speedy 25..
  7. Framboise reade pm and Framboise pochette cles. :tender:

    Next on my list is something in pomme d'amour(sp?) vernis. It sounds so pretty so I hope I like it when it comes out.
  8. Recently, nothing. But by the beginning of Dec. I'm hoping to check the Miroir pochette off and by the end of Dec. I will be checking the Trompe O'Leil off.:yes:
  9. Trompe L'Oeil pochette :yes:
  10. I've been looking for a Josephine and I found one yesterday on let-trade so that is one I can cross of my list.:yes: I can't wait to get it!
  11. The azur speedy 25! Just got her today!:yahoo:
  12. my Epi Lilac Jasmin :nuts:! i've wanted it for months and i finally got it last week:yahoo:
  13. My number 1 wanted back the Black MC speedy, and item in yellow epi :heart: I'm pleasantly content now! Oh and I just got the MC cles for $125 to go with my new speedy!
  14. ^^^ Hey! Congrats everybody on your Lists...Santa must be proud!:graucho:
  15. My Cerises speedy!