What have so far been the worst fashion crimes you've committed,or seen others commit


Jul 18, 2008

In terms of ridiculous - inappropriate clothes worn, what have so far been the worst fashion crimes (whatever your humorous or serious definition of that is) you've committed and/or that you've also seen any straight and/or gay men and other women commit (be they former or current friends, work colleagues, relatives) and please describe what was worn and why it was a disaster.

Jul 21, 2006
I live in the land of plaid polyester flood pants and black socks with shorts. Probably the belts worn up to the man boobs detract from these ubiquitous fashion disasters, I would have to say. Other than that, everyone here looks quite normal.

ami kio

May 28, 2006
#1 around here is too tight clothes. Why don't people realize that no matter your size, stuffing yourself into clothes so tight that you look like you've been put in sausage casing that's cutting off your circulation is not attractive?? :Push:

The recent one that literally made my eyes widen a bit was a group of baby boomer women dressed up in animal skin prints with too tanned skin, frosted makeup, and bleached/frosted hair.
Nov 30, 2008
Oh gosh I could go on and on lol

Socks with sandals
Muffin tops over too tight jeans or pants
Panty lines
Boys wearing their pants and shorts below their butt and using a belt to hold them up! :rolleyes:

Im sure there are more...but I see most of those on a daily basis. I have always wanted to be Stacy London from What Not to Wear! lol
Sep 23, 2006
This is what I hate to see:

Jeans so far off your butt I can see your underwear

When the guys wear "shorts" and socks underneath with tennis shoes. You might as well wear pants

Jeans too low that we can see your butt crack/thong

Muffin Tops

Dresses way too short, they should be on a babydoll

When people that are older wear juvenile prints

Tees that say juvenile stuff

Tees with profanity

Stained or holey shirts

dirty shoes

bra straps showing

panty lines

mismatched colors
Feb 2, 2006
16-year-old girls at prom dressed like hookers. Seriously, it is practically the NORM here. (I live in San Francisco) I'm talkin' string bikini tops, with long skirts slit all the way up to the crotch. THAT is a prom dress??? You have got to be freakin' kidding me!!!

And don't get me started on their dates: top hats encrusted with bling, zoot suits that are 3 sizes too big, a freakin' CANE...it's like Halloween but they are dead serious!

Kids these days. :rolleyes: