What have I done?

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  1. I work as a salesclerk and don't really make a fortune. I might have to resign after a couple of months to focus on my studies.

    So why on earth did I just buy a (pre-loved) chocolate Roxy? I could still cancel it but I need someone to tell me that it's worth the investment (£510).
  2. Hi there 59th street- dont panic- what you are feeling is natural- most of us have been there as only a selct few have money to spare- it is an investment buy- this bag will last you forever and you will feel a princess using it- think of cost per wear and how it will make you feel if you are wearing a cheap and cheerful outfit? You will love her...the guilt will go in no time!!
  3. Congratulations....you have done the right thing! :graucho: How is that for support??

    Wait until you receive it and if you really love it, then no problem! If you are not sure, you can always return it and you won't feel bad :smile:
  4. The icons are always in demand so if you still feel bad in a few months you can sell on and recoup most of the cost- you will only paid to lease it for a while!!!
  5. It's an investment ! if times get too hard you can always sell it ....keep it and enjoy her for a while , she will make you feel amazing when you are carrying her .....if you don't feel the love when she arrives then send her back - no problem !
  6. Hi 59th

    It seems like you have fallen in love................

    Okay, Ill ask some sensible questions:

    1. Can you buy the bag without credit: eg If you end up paying interest on a credit card then it can get very expensive.

    2. Have you budgeted for if you have to give up your job? A Mulberry bag is fab but not if you have to live on an apple a day babe!

    3. Do you need this bag immediately (is it a rare opportunity to get a roxy in such good condition for the price)

    4. Do you have many bags (sorry, I am the worst person to ask that question)

    5. Have you wanted a Choc Roxy for ages?

    However, if your money situation is okay and the bag is authentic and a fair price - I think you should go for it.
  7. Very sensible advice Ellie.
  8. Congrats on your Roxy! What a great choice :tup:. It will be a great friend to your oak Bays. Best bags to start a collection with: classics that can be easily sold in case you don't like them (which is very unlikely :P).

    Sounds good to me that your are thinking so carefully about your purchase. At least you aren't yet at the state of addiction when you feel: "Wow, £499!! What a BARGAIN!!!! " :biggrin:
  9. Thanks guys for the support! And Ellie, fortunately I didn't spend all my money. I have many bags but I don't use most of them, after getting my Bays it's hard to go back to H&M and other faux leather bags... But I have wanted a Roxy for ages, oak would've been my first choice but then again my bays is oak and I wanted to get something a bit different.
  10. Having seen a (black) Roxanne for £540 at John Lewis on the 26th of November 2009 with my own eyes,and Mulberry matching this price for chocolate ones as well, I have to say that £510 seems too much and not a good investment. You can well find a used one (in great condition) for £300 or a little more, and if you are lucky - for less.
    £510 is only good if it is a brand new with tags purchase, imo. I would not proceed - but would save to buy a brand new when discount is available.
    £675 will get you one from Harrods or HoF on a right day, with warranty, 28 days refund period, receipt - then a second hand value of your bag will be far higher than ifr you buy second-hand yourself.
  11. ^ Let me remind you that I live in Finland. We only have one Mulberry store which I love but the prices are pretty high and they never have the so-called classics on sale. So that is the only place here where you can get brand new Mulberry bags. I don't travel much so getting one aborad isn't really an option and considring the money I would spend on getting there it wouldn't be wise either.

    I purchased this particular bag from lovehandbags. I know they keep their prices up but the one thing that made me choose to pay a bit extra is the UPS delivery (I don't trust the Finnish mail system that much), guaranteed authenticity and the possibility to return the bag.

    I am so torn right now. They are going to dispatch the bag tomorrow so I can still email them and cancel it but on the other hand I feel like I will regret it. But Roxys are always around though, right? There's this blue Mabel I spotted on eBay for about €150 less so I could always get that one instead.
  12. first of all congrats on your purchase
    my roxy was the first designer bag i have ever got
    it was brand new and £595 chocolate darwin
    i have used this bag non stop for over 6-7 years now I can't even remember how long
    it still looks perfect
    so the plus: it's a beautiful bag you will use again and again
    the minus: if you are going to be in trouble financially in the future better be careful now there will be other great deals on the roxy out there
    good luck in whatever you decide :sunshine:
  13. It all depends on the condition for me. If it's likely to be pristine then a high price for pre loved is ok, especially if it is Darwin leather. While I agree it is possible to buy an authenticated pre loved Roxy off e bay in very good condition, and they are out there to be had, I can appreciate you wanting the security of UPS and Lovehandbags.
  14. Sorry to hijack the post but Korzinka which John Lewis/Mulberry have you seen this in as I have been looking for a Roxanne for ages and have never seen them at less than full price. I even asked at my local Mulberry store and they said the oak/black/choc Roxannes never get discounted as they're classics!
  15. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that the Finnish prices definitely are higher than in the UK - a chocolate Roxy in NVT leather costs €940 (£827) brand new here and like I said, it's nearly impossible to find a new one on sale. I have looked through all the local online auctions and there was one that had been worn a lot which showed - for €600. So £485 for a used bag may sound like a lot to you but if you compare it to the price Mulberry is asking for a new one then it's not that bad.

    I will go through eBay one more time though, just in case...