WHAT HAVE I DONE??... reassurance needed!

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  1. Oh my.......... my heart is racing.... my hands are sweating.... I just hit BIN for a GORGEOUS Aqua Giant Part-time!

    I'm excited and nervous!

    Excited cuz the color looks SOOO gorgeous and the hardware tdf (I like some "bling"). and I've "lusted" :drool:after them after seeing them here!! This was from a tpf'r so I KNOW it's a jewel.

    Nervous cuz I've NEVER SPENT anywhere NEAR that much on a handbag-or ANY accessory! Oh... please Mr. Postman, don't let my DH see that box -or the CC receipt! I've never even seen a B-bag in person (guess I can be pretty confident I'll be the only one in town - if not STATE that has one:happydance: )

    So... Now I have to go to bed and TRY TO SLEEP......
    ya right!!
  2. Once you get your bag you will realize that you made the right choice!

    Congrats on getting your first bag and be sure to post pics when she arrives!
  3. yay!!! congrats! i saw that one and it's AWESOME! you will be so happy! i'm jealous! :smile:
  4. Wow....isn't it great when u bought something that u like and u will be lookin forward to arrive....furthermore, aqua is fabulous that i come across......enjoy ur new bag when it arrives, don't forget to post pics and share with us.....ehhehehe
  5. Whoa! I didn't even realize I'd sold it 'til I saw this thread. LoL...nice way to find out :smile: Congrats...you will love it! :yes:
  6. small world we live in :biggrin:
  7. I saw the listing of that Aquamarine!

    It was beautiful! Congrats and don't worry -its a good choice!! ;D
  8. I was the same on my first purchase and hid the bag & receipt when the postman arrived :smile:

    You go through bangs of guilt, but once you receive the bag you'll love it to bits and won't regret your decision at all. Congrats on the purchase.
  9. you did the right thing. i saw that bag on eBay and you'll be very happy!

    congrats to both JBug & Fiat!!!!!!
  10. :yahoo:Yeah for you!!! Aqua is a gorgeous colour and you will love it!!! Post pics when you get it!!
  11. 0o0o YUMMY!!! I've totally grown to like the GH! And the aquamarine is so BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!
  12. Awesome!! Aquamarine is one of the colors that looks SO GREAT with GH!! :yahoo:
  13. you are going to rock Montana! Aquamarine is the BEST color with GH - just stunning!
  14. :yahoo: COngratulations:yahoo:

    Aquamarine is such a beautiful colour and with the GH you will certainly have that Bling that you like! I think it's going to look fabulous in Big Sky Country.

    Can't wait to see pics!
  15. Aquamarine is a GORGEOUS color, and it looks absolutely perfect on a PT w/ GH!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    I would have 5 different styles in the Aqua color if I could justify it/afford it!!! :p