What hats are 'in' now (and for fall)?

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  1. I want to start wearing more hats - cuz I hate my hair LOL.

    What is 'cool' now? What is coming into fashion?

    Thanks =)
  2. Fedoras seem have been sticking around from 2006...
  3. Yup, everyone seems to be doing straw fedoras for the summer
  4. I like nice big floppy hats like the ones they sell at American Apparel!
  5. I have been seeing the straw fedoras a lot in mags - I gotta gets me one ;)

    And I do have a floppy hat - I love it =)
  6. I have a couple fedoras. But I think any hat style (to a point) that flatters your face shape is a good choice.
  7. I love the ED Hardy baseball hats for women, you can wear them any day with jeans and a tank/tube top.
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    i love this hat!! my friend got it and i tried it on. it's soo cute on. i tried on the natural color one

  9. so do you take it off indoor or just wear ur hat ??
  10. The hat that suits your face and your fortune - as always ;)

  11. I wouldn't wear a hat to work or anything like that so when I do go somewhere else (like the mall) I would keep it on. For most places it's customary for ladies to wear their hats anyway - so unless it's a baseball cap I would leave it on =)
  12. I am starting to see more black fedoras instead of the straw one. Think I will go get me one since I think its perfect for fall! But for me MLB caps are my year round to go hat...love my boston red sox cap, they have the vintagey look so it looks like I have been wearing it for years!
  13. No input about specific styles, but I LOVE Eugenia Kim and Mischa Lampert. What kind of winters do you have? It's freezing and below where I live, so I live in Mischa Lampert cashmere all season.