What hat, scarf, and gloves?

  1. I have a black puffer, a white puffer, a black peacoat, a blue jean peacoat, and an olive green peacoat for the cold winters here in michigan. I need a scarf, hat, and gloves to match. I'd like to get one set but I'm not sure if this is possible. Here's what I've found....What do you think?
    80809_GR7243.jpg 81033_GR7243.jpg 81341_KC8427.jpg
  2. Do you think that the green hat and gloves would match this scarf? I'm not sure if the green and white striped scraf is too much?
  3. The green striped scarf isn't too much ... but I don't like those greens with olive green. Too much green....
  4. I like the green, but I agree that it is highly likely that it would be a bit much with your olive peacoat.

    I'd have to see it to be absolutely sure, though.

    I think it would be fine with the other colours. :yes:
  5. ITA. How about a cream colored set to go with your olive peacoat? Or something with a little sparkle knitted in to jazz it up a little?