What HASNT been faked to death?

  1. hi ladies...:biggrin:
    i have yet to purchase my first designer purse by myself:amuse:, with my own money, and i've been saving up to get one for awhile... i initially bought the Bulga Medium Tote from activeendeavours.com awhile ago, but they gave me a defective one so i returned it:evil:... anyways, now i'm looking to maybe get a speedy 25:love:, something classic and would go with everything..(i'm a student so my dress style's pretty casual). Thing is, i'd really like something that wouldn't come accross as a fake... i LOVE the speedy and the pochette too but it's been seriously faked to death.:Push:.. so i was wondering if you girls would tell me what lines are the least easy to replicate, and give me some opinions, please! :lol: so at least i have something to ponder...
    i know the multicolores are pretty hard to copy, am i right?
  2. There are plenty of fake MCs out there but they are so easy to spot so I guess they are hard to copy. I love my white lodge. Epi isn't faked that much. I would love an epi speedy.
  3. I have yet to see a fake vernis in person.
  4. I think a lot of the classic mono pieces are faked but the true LV lovers will know yours is authentic. The chicas sporting fakes will probably be wondering if YOU know theirs bags are fake since they would be the ones insecure about it in the first place.

    Get what you want and what you're drawn to. :P
  5. dont worry about what others might think. get a bag you love and your confidence will outshine any doubts
  6. I've seen lots and lots of fake MC and monogram. I think the least faked and my favorite LV line is Epi. My next purchase is an Epi Speedy... whenever that will be!
  7. i've yet to see any Wapity's faked. thank god.
  8. I haven't seen Vernis or the Epi line faked that much.
  9. All of the mono bags are faked to death, but as the ladies said, people who carry real bags can tell the difference. Also, it's not just what the bag looks like, people who carry fake bags know they have fake bags and that comes across in the way the act. When you have a real bag that you love it just comes across in your attitude!! So, go for the one your heart pulls you too and you will be soooo happy!!!! Good luck.
  10. I think what's even worse than consciously buying a fake bag is buying one from ebay THINKING it's real and behaving accordingly :biggrin:
  11. The problem with fakes, is even if no one else knows I do!
  12. How about damier ?
    I wanted to purchase Epi for the exact same reasons, but then my BF said whats the point of getting your 1st LV when it doesn´t show LV.
    (for the quality !! I know.....)
    As I wasn´t sure about the "oblivious" mono, I picked then the damier.
    Am I wrong or It doesn´t seem to be copied as much ?
  13. The Suhali line isn't faked to death as far as I know.

    As the other posters said, get what you like no matter if its faked to death or not. As long as your happy with it. Even though the mono line is faked most often, they are classic bags (the authentics that is ;) ) There're neutral so they goe with soooo many colors and styles. If you want to add a mono to your collection its definately worth it.
  14. I think Suhari and Epi don't have lots of fakes as Mono and Damier. Like most people said, get what you truely want.
  15. Damier is not faked that much.

    And I hope to God that it stays that way. :smile:

    Where I live (in Canada), Damier is not carried by alot of people, and when I have seen it carried by people, it was authentic in all these cases.