What has MJ produced in the colour Bordeaux?

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  1. Does anyone know how many pieces (handbags, wallets, clutches etc etc) are available in bordeaux?

    I just love that colour!
  2. Bordeaux was released a few times. Are you talking about the newest fall season bordeaux? I believe it's available in all the soft calf collection pieces, i.e. blake, multipocket, ZC.
  3. ^ I wasn't very specific was I!

    LOL I really meant from all the seasons but that's probably too much for anyone to know!

  4. Quilted bordeaux was released in fall 05, came in Venetia, zip clutch, Stam, baby stam, Multipocket, and Stella. There were two finishes of the quilted bordeaux, icy and nappa.

    There's also a bordeaux double handle satchel made of leather and suede that Nicole Richie has been photographed with.
  5. Thank you thithi, you really know your stuff! I saw on the MJ website of two bags from MbMJ that appear in bordeaux (JJ and Grooves) but I wasn't sure if there was anything else.
  6. Hmmm... not familiar with MBMJ bags, I know he's releasing some JJ bags in bordeaux this fall. Another member linked the bag off a dept store website.
  7. Here's a pic of my Bordeaux quilted venetia, sorry, the lighting sort of stinks. It's a really pretty bag IRL, I recommend it!
  8. ^ beauiful bag!! I love MJ's fall 05 quilted bags. Definitely collector items!!
  9. I saw the bordeaux soft calf stuff at Nordstrom today. I'm usually not a fan of the gold hardware, but it looks really pretty on these bags!
  10. Thank you for the pic, your bags are fabulous and I just love the bordeaux. I've always been a fan of burgundy shades but I never thought bags existed in this colour and when I saw the JJ in burgundy (NM website) I was like WOW!!!! Now I can't stop thinking about the colour.
  11. That was me!
  12. I love gold HW on bags, makes a bag look mature and classic. But silver is great too, gives a bag a modern and younger appeal IMO.
  13. bump
  14. Here is the bordeaux patchwork Stam I happen to be the proud owner of. It is from 2007, not sure the season because the serial tag says "P07" ('pring?)



  15. Love that color in the PW stam. So pretty. I love the leather on these bags. Really different than most MJ bags.