what has Hermes done to my MIL???!!!

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  1. .....a miracle!! if only i knew it took a lil' over $7k to make this woman happy, i would have bought her birkins many moons ago!!!

    MIL went to a dinner party tonight and asked to use her birkin. first of all, had to tell her she didn't need to ask! it's her bag afterall!! so then she asked me to help her put together an outfit to go with her bag. of course i was very pleased about this cause it only meant she trusted my taste somewhat, right?? :graucho: so after she came home from dinner, she told me "i tried very hard not to get it dirty" and handed the bag back to me to put away. wow. a part of me felt kinda bad. the poor woman not only felt like she had to ask me to use her bag, but had to worry about taking good care of it. that's a lot of stress for an old asian lady!! :p anyhow, she told me DH's cousin asked her about the birkin over dinner. apparantly this cousin was shocked that MIL even had one and thought she was just borrowing one of my bags. MIL proudly stated that it was HER bag! she further went on to say that she loves hermes bags so much now that she wants to buy another one! she said she's retired now and would rather spend her retirement money on things that she can pass down to either me or SIL (ahem...hopefully only me since SIL could care less! LOL) instead of leaving us money, which is less meaningful. wow.....THANK YOU Hermes Gods!!!! :tup: (i think i need a spanking for all those bad thoughts of MIL)
  2. PBC - You're such a sweetheart. I am not at all surprised that MIL is warming up to you and H. I knew there's a silver lining to your vegas story.
  3. see, thats what happens when your good to MIL's
  4. Yippeee!!! :yahoo::yahoo: Good for you PBC! So glad to hear that everything is turning out well!! You deserve it!
  5. Peanut, maybe she'll buy you some bookends in Pari, what a thoughtful gesture.....
    you're a really good daughter! You are a real keeper.......
    You have a really big heart!!!
  6. Fab!
  7. thanks everyone. but i must not take the credit. i just can't believe how having an H bag of her own can change MIL's attitude like that! she has eyes only for H bags now and wants a kelly next!! i guess hermes has cast its spell on most of us like this too!! once you go H, you can't look back!!

    anyways, just wanted to share with you all my lil' story from today!
  8. Lucky lucky girl!!! :tup:
  9. hahaa, pbc your MIL is so cute!! i'm so glad she's warming up to Hermes and I'm glad you two are getting along!

    did you manage to snap some pics of the outfit you picked for her?
  10. I'm so glad H is helping you and MIL bond! This is such a sweet lil story!
  11. I guess the H gods have sent you good kama for all your patience with MIL!
  12. Congrats PBC! I wonder when is my turn??? lol :roflmfao:
  13. PBC,

    It's H karma at work again, and it's paying off for you.

    My theory is that it doesn't matter who gets the H bag. The important thing is to get the H bag into the house!!

    I'm so happy to hear that MIL is becoming such a doll....
  14. PBC so glad to hear that you two are bonding thru H:tup: What a sweet story:heart:
    You are a sweetheart:heart:
  15. Wow. Maybe MIL secretly reads tPF and now knows its good to take care of her bags! ;)

    So glad its all working out! (PS good luck with the move!)
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